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Layouts and animations

I was thinking that there could be a new animation (and assign some creatures to existing animations), in addition to modifying the layouts. I would like this:
-New animation for ceratosaurus, concavenator and creatures that are not from the Spinosaurus group but have an animation of one.
-assign creatures larger than brachiosaurus to their animation (because a brachiosaurus larger than an argentinosaur is rare).
-Correct designs like the giganotosaurus since in real life it had 3 claws, not two.
-Size of various creatures (majungasaurus, carnotaurus, allosaurus, concavenator, ceratosaurus, rajasaurus, yutyrannus, suchomimus, baryonyx, ostafrikasaurus, irrator and some more) This is what I would like.

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Not to mention Leedsichthys which is to small and Bananogmius which is too big

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Exactly, and above all they know it because it is in the package “a bigger fish”

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don’t forgt onchopristis is a sawshark instead of sawfish,and andrewsarchus being an oversized doggo

I don’t get it Jurassic Park Builder is older than JW:TG but still it did manage to get much accurate dinosaurs than this game.

Shark its a fish…

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True, but although JWTG has no precision in sizes and things like that it has much better graphics

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They got Helicoprion right in JWTG

Even though a shark is a type of fish onchopristis is a sawfish

just look it up on google

Maybe that was because it’s a recent game. At that time many believed helicoprion to be like that. There are only a few size dimension errors in jpb like the T rex being too small compared to carcharodontosaurus. But at least it had accurate models of allosaurus, leedsichthys, bananogmius, toujianogosaurus and a few more.

Jurassic world the game is not so recent, it is from 2015, the most recent is jurassic world alive, and it seems to me that the 3 games have errors in some designs, the most prominent of these 3 are:
living jurassic world:
-Argentinosaurus smaller than brachiosaurus.
–Allosaurus as big as t-rex.
Jurassic park builder:
-Giganotosaurus smaller than allosaurus (that is a very unforgivable mistake, if the Giganotosaurus since it is the second largest after the Spinosaurus).
-And it seems to me that the carnotaurus was very similar in size to the allo, and in the game this rule was not met.
Jurassic world the game:
-Yutyrannus too big.
-As in the living Jurassic world, brachiosaurus larger than argentinosaurus.
It seems to me that the one that should have the least bugs is Jurassic World Live, since it was 7 years after Jurassic Park Builder and 3 years after Jurassic World the game.