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Does anyone have a a good coin production layout I can copy ?

Well good timing on asking this as we got into this discussion on another recent topic (Mission Strange Animal) in which @Sionsith shared the post he did with his layout for max coin production:

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It also depends on how you want to view your coin production. Do you want to be able to generate a bunch of coins in a short time frame or do you want to be able to generate a lot of coin over the day with minimal interaction with the game?

I’m not sure probably minimal interaction

My set up is good for minimal interaction, as long as you have the revenue towers, badge beacon, and the space to lay it all out.

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Yes I do, what does your set up look like ?

@Freshprince check the link (3-4) comments above. All details in that post that @Mary_Jo reshared.

This is my general layout:

I’ve removed most of the buildings as they really do little for me coin wise. Dino paddocks outperform buildings by a massive amount. Plus there is a limit on the total number of buildings and decorations you can have.

For example, my triceratops paddock is maxed out dino wise. It generates 43,000 some coins every five minutes with a 254% decoration bonus. However that requires a great deal of interaction.

I only have three revenue towers deployed that cover my dinos with a sub 3 hour coin rate. The rest are 3 plus hour coin rate dinos and are covered by the badge beacon. This has made coins a throw away commodity for me as my park generates somewhere around 20 million coins every three hours.

Dinos like dilophosaurus, velociraptor, and some others have amazing coin generation potential considering they aren’t terribly long to hatch and evolve, with low dna costs and food requirements for leveling up.

Consider that my indominus paddock has eight or nine level 20’s in it and only generates 2.5 million coins every 12 hours. My Velociraptor paddock has two level 40’s, a 30, and a 10 and generates 300,000 coins every two hours.

I guess I’m saying, decorations and dino paddocks make the most coins. The coins I dump in the trade harbor for anything and custom trade for dinos. Sometimes trade harbor is kind, other times awful.

Take these two together… 8 million coins for 169 and 210 loyalty points, I’ll do that every time…


Strangely enough today I started revamping my park after doing some calculations and identifying what you have stated above, I cleared off a bunch of buildings and 3x3 VIP decorations and places a ton of John Hammond Memorials, once I complete the reset of my park I will have to post an update to it. @Potato is correct in that Paddocks > Buildings for coin generation. Especially when it comes to Paddocks where you have a bunch of Dino’s in it

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@Sionsith, I am not sure what the limit is numerically, but I hit the limit on the number of structures the park can have. I now have unused real estate in my park.

The second economic driver here for me, is that I’ve found selling the apatosaurus fossil for cash in the trade harbor nets around 200 dino bucks per trade. So that is 4,200 dino bucks a week, or 3 extra tournament creature speed ups on Tuesday morning. Extra space and hiding some hammonds allows me to stock up on apatosaurus fossils periodically. This is made easier with the lack of build time for decorations.

I looked hard, and while I can do some configurations that generate more coins on some paddocks, my layout has each paddock at 250% plus. I group the best performers around the clock towers. Either way, my park’s coin generation is so high now that I simply don’t need to improve it. I can’t dump coins fast enough.

Interesting, I have yet to find that limit on structures, was it on buildings or decorations or combinations of the two? Yesterday I added a ton of decorations, a large portion of my paddocks are now at 350%+. I was letting my old thinking of just revenue tower layout drive my thinking and not really taking advantage of the badge beacon when it came to how much ground it can cover. I used to move my revenue towers around periodically and had set places where I could land them to collect in a new area before the badge beacon existed.

@Sionsith, the limit is a combination of decorations and buildings. Basically “structures”. No idea on the number.image

Revenue towers count towards that number. I’m down to three revenue towers as I simply don’t need more at this point.

I tried to get the most economical pattern I could using the least amount of space. There is a false economy on % vs range for decorations. A 6% Hammond beats a 10% sundial due to the extra range depending on layout. Clock towers make up for this at 16%.


I hit it finally…

600 structures is the limit for the park.


Congrats. What layout did you go to?

Also, holy crap. That means I have around 500 hammonds…

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I have not finalized a layout just yet, only because once I reorganize everything and let it sit for a day I realize there is still more tweaking that can be done to generate more coins, but it requires moving 75% of all of my stuff so I need to wait until I have time to sit and move 400-500 items around on the map.