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Leader alliance information


Leaders need to be able to see who is contributing to the alliance. I need to be able to see the stats of each of my members. I need to know who is darting, who is getting their daily battle incubators, etc. This is important ludia. How are we going to be able to improve our alliances and weed out the ones who are just riding and reaping rewards from other players hard work? It’s not fair for the alliance. Please allow leaders to see what everyone is doing. And make the information reset weekly. It really wouldn’t be difficult to add this. We NEED this.


Sadly, this has been asked every week since when they introduced the alliances. And every update, all we get is more dinos… Same with very old bugs like the chat not working (which would help also in some alliance) Guess what we are getting instead? More dinos and more bugs…

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My alliance gets 10/8 rewards and I just need to find out who is holding us back. People are getting frustrated.

Yes! We need to be able to see how much people are contributing to the quests and who is never sharing DNA.

Also, it would be nice to be able to put a Discord link the the Alliance profile.

Yeah, we’ve asked for this many times. I know that a few of my members are freeloading and leaving all the darting and battling up to everyone else, but I can’t tell who they are because everyone logs in every day and they’re all smart enough to do at least one arena battle per season so they’re not sitting at 0 trophies. Everyone does their tourney takedowns because I can see (and pester them) if they don’t. I would love to be able to see their darting and battling stats, too.

(And yes, you can get a pretty good sense of who’s doing very little based on who gets the mission tiles and how far up the leaderboard people climb season to season, but it’s not perfect.)

My guess is Ludia won’t add this disappointingly. A strategy I found however is to not force PvP after the seasonal reset. You’ll see the members that do PvP 1 hour after reset or some that don’t for a whole week. Very useful if your looking to push for defense missions.

Ludia I believe doesn’t want their friends to be kicked from good alliances when found to be slacking off. They want these people to reap maximum benefit from top alliances while doing little in the cause of the alliance.

This change benefits alliances but not players who do their own thing. That is not what Ludia wants. It wants its chosen people to benefit and the rest to be supporting them.


Ludia is plain lazy to do the coding for leaders to see the stats and make informed decisions.

You said this in PvP is a Joke:
How can they fix the matchups? If they did, their friends would be sad that no one was around to fight with them.

If Ludia fixed matchmaking, the PvP is life players would have no opponents since no one would be matched with them in the upper arenas.

If PvP is their life surely they are more than contributing to their alliance.

Are they? Who knows? Without the stats, we assume they are no?

I have no idea what they people do besides do PvP. I have no such players in my alliance and I am very relaxed when it comes to players so long as they hit the baseline.

With stats, these players should show a huge amount of battles but low for darts and other metrics. That might be enough to be kicked ? Not in my alliance but there are some nutty ones out there.