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Leader leaves alliance

Been a great game, started because it HAD far more creatures and supply drops available at the time than PoGo. That certainly changed for the worse with JWA. Tired of the lack of support with bugs and cheaters.

That said, what happens to my alliance if I leave and do not appoint a leader? Is there a default chosen? Can no one join/be added? What happens when alliance leader quits/leaves or becomes inactive? Which reminds me of another issue, lack of alliance tools.

Just finished a few battles, need to add: eff you, draco g2. I can’t believe the developers saw this as a good idea.


I don’t think you can leave without appointing a new leader


You need to appoint someone to lead

This is a requirement?
Where did you get this information?

I’m just wondering if Ludia actually considered this scenario.

Who’s willing to test this theory?

Anyone? Anyone?

Sounds like you are a good candidate to give it a try. You want to leave anyway, so go for it.


Not sure my alliance would forgive me if I left and didn’t appoint anyone first.

Leader can’t leave alliance, can only disband it. Other option is to appoint new leader and leave alliance.

You have tested this, or are you just speculating?
It’s a legitimate question.
I want to know the real answer, not just what people speculate might happen.

Tested, as I had my own alliance. Could just disband alliance or name other player a leader. When I gave up leadership I could leave alliance. Until then leave is greyed out.

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Exactly what I wanted to know.

You need to appoint a new leader. I tested it once, just to see.

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Definitely agree with the Draco gen 2 comment . Whoever thought that was a good idea should be in Arkham .


Or Azkaban.


Comments like these are the biggest reason I enjoy the Forum :sweat_smile: :slight_smile:


You have to change leadership.
But what would happen if you uninstall the game, or delete the account? That’s something I would like to know.

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The leader in my alliance quit playing shortly after alliences came out. His char name just sits there never changing trophies or dino lvls


That’s sad, there needs to be a way to address issues like this.

No one else can add members?

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Yes anyone can add members. So it’s not that bad.
I just found out apparently there is a glitch that shows you as 0 trophies until you friendly battle someone from your alliance. Now I know why there are so many LVL 10+ players with 0 trophies on the alliance list.

What does bug me is the zero incentive to donate dna. 1 coin per dna means nothing.

From my observations, it’s not friendly battle that flips the switch of trophy count, it’s logging in after the trophy reset from the tournament.

I rarely friendly battle.