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Leader MIA, members looking to migrate together

We are several casual but active members looking for a new alliance since our current leader is missing in action and we have far too many inactive members in our group. Or if someone can direct us on how to assume a new leadership role in order to clear our alliance of inactive players?

Well , I would suggest one of you create a new alliance and the other actives can join so you don’t start from scratch.

I have 11 spots in my alliance open. We do 4-4.

It is required to comment on completing daily missions and battle incubators as well as holding alliance incubators until we hit rank 3. We also do not allow 0 trophies to remain. I have a discord but we really do not use it much at all and its not required.

No big deal, its TerraRising.

I would say we are in between casual and highly active. I am highly active with hours played everyday.

@Mitch1 As far as I am aware there is no way to assume leadership without your leader passing the role to one of the members. As mentioned the other option is to create a new alliance.

How many members are seeking to move and what kind of alliance are you looking for? I am an alliance leader who currently has 4 open spots.

DM me if you would like to discuss more about how we can help you out.

Join NoGutsNoGlory we hit 3/2 with only 6 members. Some dart some battle all in our own time and when we feel like it. But it works

Superior Michigan would be happy to have you. We are a casual Alliance that has been rebuilding from a similar situation, we have at least 25 spots open. We are casual, and usually get to 3/2.

Try MERC Unit, we have been trying to get some new active members after a few inactive ones were removed :slightly_smiling_face:

We ussually do 4/3, sometimes 4/4, with a little help we could do more :slightly_smiling_face:

IslaSornaTimeshareCo is looking for members. my friends and i just started our own alliance after struggles with leaders and inactives. We’d love for your group to join us and help build an awesome alliance

Riddim Raptors is looking for actives if your group is interested. We have 5 spots left.