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“Leader’s message” in alliance chat


No idea if this has been brought up.
Will it be a good idea to have a tap for “LEADER’s message” so everyone cannot miss it?
Players in the alliance may be chatting by few, and some important messages by the leader can be missed.


I haven’t seen anyone suggest this before and think it’s a great idea.

Or maybe like a ‘pinned messages’ post


Or just read the messages. Maybe this is common sense to me ? :man_shrugging:


after too many messages you can’t read them, because they wont load


Mine isnt like that lol i can scroll up to 24 hours ago


Sorry actually over 24 hours ago


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really?? wow i can do only one scroll up. then it won’t load, i thought this was a bug that everyone was having lol

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Huh, I thought you would be in a larger alliance.

@Wilshire1966 Its the same for me. I can only scroll up once most of the time.


Yeah, some people claim to have zero issues with this game.

I just ignore them.

Chat is terrible.


Y’all must not chat much then. Our alliance is constantly chatting and unless I’m in the game 24/7 I’ll miss convos. Usually I can only scroll back to an hour before. I don’t even bother during feeding frenzy time.

I agree with OP. We need a way to pin messages so everyone can see it.


Seems to be pretty dead chat if you can see that old messages

Always wondered, do you happen to be level 30 wizard by any chance?


Is like a MEMO for all members from leader, what do the leader expect from members.
With a full house alliance of 50, with the requests of DNA mixing with chats, how many really read what others chatting that’s not concerning them.
This will be a good tool for me to also identify who is in the game, contributing…

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Max size of alliances are 50 people? Lol


We have a group chat on fb, we dont chat much in game, but in game we can still go back up to 2 days

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Don’t forget the members can leave, or removed…either way u have to constantly update new members.
We are not in the school where every student has to report their homework.
Not everyone needs to read all messages or is compulsory to do it.
But if there is a “leader message” which u HAVE TO READ IT…then u cannot miss it.


I do agree tho. The ingame chat can be problematic/buggy at times.

I sugguested that they just split the chat screen and the donation screen. But even then, im not sure if that would fix it


No idea who that is man


Then… your point is redundant.


The only point is we can go back up to 2 days. Thats the only point