Leader should be the only one

So let me start by saying that the alliances are great for team building and to be able to chat with the ppl you are battling on the other end. The biggest problem or concern that we are having is users in the alliance have been adding accounts of a much lower count that are kind of suspect. I mean I really hope that ppl are not adding second accounts to benefit. But this is something that can become abused very easily. The leader should be the only person in the alliance that is able to accept ppl in. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon before it’s too late


Why post this twice with different titles ?

Lost svc the first time didn’t think it went thru

@Idgt902 So lets see here. You say “the biggest problem or concern we are having are users adding much lower accounts that are kind of suspect”" What is suspect about a low level account? They not good enough to be in your alliance? Funny the amount of complaining the people with all the level 30 dinos do.

You guys made a post on here recruiting people but want people from the leaderboard in the top 150 - 200. So I’m assuming you are not talking about low level accounts in your alliance. Are you guys that worried that someone from another alliance may win the tournament?

Spare us with your concern over low level accounts.

If there is any concern to be had it is the rest of us with regards to the amount of accounts in your alliance with almost full teams of level 30 dinos. Hopefully ludia does a close account by account look into each of them.

Believe me our accounts get looked over every day. I’m talking 500 trophy count accounts. Ones that seem to have been just created. I really don’t know why everything we post on here has to become an argument. If you showed that much passion into the game maybe you would be a little further in the trophy count


This has absolutely NOTHING to do with our concern here. It’s just a pain to see people show up in the alliance uninvited. We just want to be able to keep track on who we invite / accept.


Agreed. That said, Id like it even better if we could have some form of officer/elder/delegated middle manager leaders we could trust. More than just leader and member.


That would definitely work as well. The alliances with dna trading could become abused very easily.


Until Ludia figures it out just boot anyone you don’t know. I understand adding a Significant other… but if people aren’t giving you the common courtesy of letting you know they are adding people just boot them.

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@Idgt902 put this post with good intention, and what he mean by “low level” account is like a super fresh new account that look like a second account of somebody. He is not talking about those who high rank or low rank below 100 or 200 etc.
Our alliance are not alliance of ego as the way you label @Dinocop and we make friends with everybody. We keep able to battle because of you all and all of us. We are JWA community


Absolutely I try to do that in the alliance but it mainly comes down to me messenging the leader. It works well when you have their direct contact but otherwise it is a nightmare.

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Alliance membership process needs a major rework regarding adding new members. All members can add but the leader should have the final approval. Another option is to make it visible whoever added the new members. The current system can be abused by people who will add their 2nd account / or whoever to get the DNA they want. This for me doesn’t really sound right.


Yes, agree with idgt and legomin. We need like officers abilities. Basically letting the leader be the admin. And have delegate and promote people he trusts closely to basically moderator status.