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Leaderboard and Trophies


Hello Adventurers!

The PVP leaderboard is about to go live in Warriors of Waterdeep! Soon you will be able to see how you match up to your fellow adventurers and battle for the top position. On Tuesday 27 August at 11:00 UTC, everyone with a trophy count above 2200 will be scaled to be between 2200 and 2500. This is to level the playing field in the Vault of Dragons arena so that everyone can take part in the race to the top once the leaderboard is live. If you have a trophy count of 2201 or more at 11:00 UTC on Tuesday 27 August, you will be sent a reward so keep an eye on your in-game mail!


Will this be a monthly reset with a monthly prize?

@Jon Can you specify more info: Is there a prize at the end of of every week/month for the top players or something. If there’s a prize what is it?

Got the in-game mail. When I attempt to access it: ‘An unknown error has occurred’

Same I get: image


Same issue

At this time the Leaderboard is strictly for bragging rights.

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Hello, this is a known bug, and our development team is looking into it.

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Thanks for answering the question, is there any plans to actually offer some rewards and a leaderboards resets?

No problem at all, we will be updating our game in the future and we hope you are as excited as we are for all the content we have planned for the next coming months. Sadly I can not give out any information about rewards in the Leaderboard.


This is amazing! Thank you Jon, Ned and other MODS who’ve been sharing our feedback to the devs and they’re expanding the game. And random coins and gem gifts are very appreciative. I just want to take a moment out to thank you, and the devs for appreciating the players and rewarding us by listening and the gifts. Huge huge thank you :heart:


Highly recommend implementing weekly pvp reward chest with card rewards based on ranking…guaranteed legendary for top 5 perhaps :wink:

Please no. I don’t want the game to become more play to win. I know this what you’re doing but please don’t,

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This new leaderboard is ok I guess, cause it shows you are trying, but maybe it needs to be reimagined?

First, you could restructure it into a tiered system, maybe keeping the arenas themed levels. Perhaps you need to reevaluate and alter the milestone values of each tier if some players are scoring so much higher than the current levels. If you intend to reset everyone monthly to the same level you will discourage newer players from playing as they may be facing the top players for the first few days of every month. It would be better to reset people to the lowest value of their current milestone and have increased prizes for each milestone level.

Second, a prize system is absolutely necessary. I would suggest Introducing convenience type prizes instead of gear to start with, maybe a bit of coins or gems also. These can be anything from lock picks to speed up chest timers to some type of scroll of true seeing to increase the odds of finding secret doors in challenge modes for a limited time.

If you go with true seeing you could even introduce a second level of secret doors. You could keep the ones you have now and also add a second color of secret door containing a chest of slightly better odds. These type of secret doors should only be found while true seeing is active.

HPlease, no prizes. That will make it even more pay to win.

Will there be a guild leaderboard?