Leaderboard freeze?


Just notice that rank and trophy-count on leaderboard are not change for a couple hours, trophy-count on Social tap as well.
But Trophies on Battle tap still change everytime after battle.
Bug or intend to do?


I noticed the same.
The leaderboard was freezed but much later after the tournament ended.
Yesterday morning did some battles. Won some. Lose some. My rank changes on the leaderboard.
This morning battled again. Won. My rank did not change. My trophy count did.
Does it mean that trophy counts as of freezed point, which is yesterday, will be used towards prize givings? If so, then, good luck to those affected… :sweat_smile:
I’m pretty sure lots of complaints will be coming in soon…

Btw, my trophy count as of freeze point is a bit lower than at the time when it is supposed to freeze - just after the tournament ended. Since I’ll not be much affected, I’m good… :blush:


this is why i didn’t battle at all yesterday. knew something like this would happen. i was around 210 when it was supposed to stop. today like 225. i’m sure if i would have lost trophies and been like 260 that’s when they would have actually froze the leader board instead of i think 10:00 EST like they said. would have been in a lower prize group.


Pity to those affected…
I’m surprised myself as to why the leaderboard keep on moving and changing despite the end of the tournament…


They freeze ranks on their side.

Why on earth would you want to stop gaining/loosing trophies after the end of tournament?
If you want to reach out the new arenas you do want to be able to gain trophies.

And if you gain trophies of course your rank is going to change. Just like before the tournament


Not sure about their side.
The leaderboard is now freezed.
Battled just now. Won. My trophies count increased on the Arena page. But not on the leaderboard.
You may check this yourself…:blush:

Btw, when the tournament ends, my rank was higher than after it was freezed. Not too concerning for me since it does not affect the outcome… :blush:


Mine did the same thing. Not sure what’s going on. I took a screenshot just incase its needed