Leaderboard insanity

Simple question really… i’m here flitting between 4900 and 5100 trophies and have been for about 8 months… looking at the top of the leaderboard at the person going from 12k to over 20k on a couple of weeks… wondering 1 thing. HOW!!!

The new shores matching has locked a bunch of trophies up top as well as Library being a mess

Surely they cheat?

They battle kinda alot.
If you win 55% of your matches and battle 6+ hours a day your going to go places.

Ha, true… if you have the time and patience to do that

The issue is they’re getting easy wins now. Most of the top players have fully boosted and leveled teams and are getting matched with people at lower end of shores now (6000+). I can only speak for myself but I was at 6160 with 7 lvl 30, 1 lvl 29 and 5 of those fully boosted…but was getting consistently matched with Top 10 players. Easy wins for them as there’s no way to compete. Sure you’ll get a lucky win here and there but 9/10 times, they’ll win via raw power and thus accumulate BS trophies…

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