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Leaderboard “Purely Speculation “


I’m wondering if the current leaders would actually be in the top 25 roughly if they didn’t have Draco Gen2 to save them each time. Between their amazing ability to evade, render crit moves and whip out that ugly little brown thing to win, just kind of wondering if maybe Ludia hasn’t given them an edge. Yep yep. Just speculating.


It’s a glass cannon. A one hit wonder.
It’s definitely not a team sweeper.
It’s available to everyone, so I’m not sure what your point is.


You can’t say it’s because of one Dino. Alot of us don’t use d2. What makes d2 so valuable is the supporting cast. Mine is still sitting at lvl 15.


Same. Just look at the top we are here and we are without it. We just prefer more reliable “strategy” :upside_down_face:


The leader board looks pretty much the same as it did last tournament except one guy changed his name… and there was no draco g2 last tournament.

They were there without draco gen 2… some of them have choosen to use it some have not but none of them rely on it solely.

Kind of a silly thread if you have looked at the leaderboard for any of the previous names youd see its mostly the same people.


Im in the top 25 and my this is my draco g2 so try again


Just another thread of someone complaining about dracorex g2…


Doesn’t seem that many players even care about the boards anymore. Of course having a new tournement every week isn’t helping anything.

Just by reading the forums here, I’d say that over 80% of the playerbase are only interested in their daily battle incubators from the arena, and don’t even care about rank anymore.

I think most are starting to realize that the boards are more or less locked, and it will be the same people over and over in every tournement, just like it has been, till the end of JWA.

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I still care :grin: haven’t been playing since launch and am happy to be close to 4800, still climbing and hope to reach the top 500. After that, knowing me, I will try to get to the top 50. D2 isn’t a part of my plan, but to each their own and respecting each other’s choices is important.


Let’s watch Dg2 get nerfed into the ground. The leaders won’t change. Legomin, Mark, Relentless, and others have been there since tournaments started, BEFORE Dg2 was good. They’re not going when Dracorex does.

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where are you watching these gameplay videos, btw?


Meh. There are as good or better dinos. Besides all that I’m not sure how anyone has the energy to get worked up over this anyway.


I’ve battled all of the top players with and without draco 2 and i can say for sure that they don’t need it to win. They’ve been handing out beatings long before the days of d2.


There are some new names up there these days. And there are also people who are getting close but don’t know how to use their dinos so they get bumped back down and don’t quite make it. It takes a lot of strategy, regardless of what some people might say.


The leaderboard is pretty similar to last time without Draco, so I don’t think that has anything to do with it. Only difference is they took trophies away from bot fights so it’s all much closer and there’s more PvP rather than PvB going on up there.


Im not watching vids of it. I’m battling them right alongside the rest of us here. For those that say it doesn’t matter if they have them or not that they are just good anyways, I say Blyad.


How do you have only 822 dna for it?? :joy:


Cuz its on my skip list, and whatever i do get i donate


It’s true that many of them use it… I took a look a few days ago and in the top 20, there were 16 Drac2 users. But honestly, when I look at their teams, Draco is the least of my worries.

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I was one of the 4 that dont use it :+1:t3::rofl::joy:

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