Leaderboard reset question


I thought everyone above 3500 was reset to 3500 for this new tournament. I don’t look at the list often but I see Pocemon was #1 at 5000 before and he still is #1 now.

Did the top people also get reset to 3500 and somehow he got back to being the leader? I’m confused how this works as the top person gets the grand prize. Not that he shouldn’t get it just trying to understand how this works. Any thoughts?


They will have to reset when the tournament starts. Countdown in your news. Its Tuesday.


Thanks for the info! Appreciate your reply.

I finally found the link. Tournament Season 1


Yes they reuse old links. Glad you found the link.


I just read the entire article.

Starts 10 am Tuesday but they never provide an end date. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Does the tournament end when Ludia has made a specific amount of money from people buying incubators to grow their dinos to compete? :roll_eyes:


The longer the tournament the higher the chance more people will reach 4000 for the min prize. If they care about casuals, a month at least would give adequate time to climb up. If it’s seasonal, maybe 3 months? Until next patch (1.4)?