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Leaderboard rewards are a complete joke

if you arent at or above 2500 trophies, you get the amazing prize of 250 coins which is about the same as one event supply drop spin if you are close to it. if you arent at 2750 trophies you get 50 epic dna, sounds nice right? pathetic, im not even interested in getting trophies, i only play pvp for fun and incubators. seasons are like a month or two (havent checked) its nice to get those rewards once every month, 3000 or less coin per year if you are under 2500 trophies, april fools isnt a year round thing ludia

So you don’t want to earn more trophies, but you still want rewards that come from earning more trophies?

250 coin per season if you are not above 2500 trophies is laughable. atleast like every 500 trophies the coin amount rises up until you get to 2500

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Well, that’s kind of the idea. Low tier rewards for low trophy players. As you increase, the rewards become better. Its motivation to keep getting better.


While I do agree with the reward system, I do not think that 250 coin is compensation. Maybe like 10 or 5 dna for lower players. And if they do get coin, it should be more than 250

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