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Leaderboard RIP


The leaderboard has become worthless since 1.7 and the unlimited boost glitch …I cannot believe that Ludia is not going to do anything about it​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::man_facepalming:


Their solution is match making will now match anyone from 4300-9000 trophies.

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Hey. Random question. But wasn’t it you that posted the screenshot with the purple background that shows the global users of the game with the little line graph at the bottom?


That? Its the galaxy platform and only those that use the game launcher… i use it to see the trends not a define number on the playerbase.


How do you get that


Long press the game and click details while inside game launcher


Is that an app lol I don’t think I have that


Nevermind I’m an idiot. I had it disabled. Thanks


Yeah, im sure a good chunk do… privacy concerns and all that… but i think being able to see trends in a game im about to spend money on is a good thing