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Leaderboard Score Issue

When I look at the Leadership score, it is higher than the score that shows my rank in my alliance. It has been like this for about 2 days. I know my battle score goes up and down with each battle, but I thought the other 2 scores stay the same showing my highest score. Please help.

Hey VioletDeath2, the “Current” trophy count displayed under should show the trophy number you have now.

Thank you for your help.

I still see an issue if those photos were taking at the same time. Clan leaderboard trophy shows 4801 but the highscore is actually 4826.

They were taken at the same time. Others told me there can be a delay in the numbers matching, but support fixed it so they are the same number now.

This is what it looks like now. Both circles match.

Yeah my experience is it updates in real time… but atleast you got it fixed

It happened again. On the battle screen, it shows my high score 4815, but on my team list my high score is one from yesterday in the 4600’s range. It was in the 4700’s range when I went to bed last night. Please help again.

It happened again.

They did some changes on this according to the patch notes, so it might be fixed now at this update.
Either way, whenever it happens again, just wait a bit for the numbers to catch up.

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´Perdon es mi primer post, no se si hago algo mal.
En mi caso tras la actualización del día 3, salgo en puntuación el último de mi alianza cuando era el segundo… Tenía un #5000 y ahora me pone #9742. Afortunadamente la puntuación de trofeos es correcta 4915. ¿que puedo hacer?

Hmmm, the alliance team leaderboard is not accurate. It does not show proper ranking within alliance.

Ludia, another bug for you to fix.

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Having the same problems as Whistler have. Sometimes I even getting the last place under zeroed trophy people =D

I think they have at least 10k bugs to find and are fixing a few hundred at a time while making tens more. In 10 years the game will be pretty debugged.

Same issue on my end. I wonder if it is contingent on how many battles are done. What I am thinking is this is probably the alliance ranking they were talking about. Of course I could be wrong.

Not sure if number of battles affect. I had played about 6-8 battles I think when I took that screenshot.

And another bug that has been going on for the longest is rhst my higher score is not reflected.

That has been happening on my end as well

Haha. Hope it is only 10k.

I know there will always be bugs but I don’t understand why those obvious ones are not corrected. Like the alliance chat. So obvious but they still not correcting it. But they give us new things nobody asked for like chatting during battles.

This is a bug that’s happening to a lot of people. I should be listed as no. 1 in ranking because I currently have more trophies than everybody else in my alliance, and yet I’m listed as pretty much dead last of all those who have been active. I alerted my clan to the problem. I don’t want to accidentally get ousted from my group because it looks like, by the rankings, that I’m inactive when I’m not.