Leaderboard team no longer shows friendly battle team - let's look at some whale boosted stats

Oooh!!! Another one of these posts!!! Lovely… (I do like those posted Dino’s. They look fun to play with)

You can’t criticise someone’s business model when you have zero visibility of their results


I asked idgt to switch me accounts for a day. So I can look at all his pretty lvl 30s. He didnt say yes :frowning:

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I am sure that Ludia has some well educated people on the “how to get dat chedda” committee.


I love you.


Ok I’ll show you a little chart, notice the the stable level that suddenly plummets? I wobt bother telling you what feature was added at that time…


Let’s look at business models… we worked tirelessly for years supporting community projects, doing work for free, then someone came in and said … you do know this is not generating income or goodwill … now we work with community groups at a discount… we make money … they appreciate it more … business needs to make money, pay their staff, pay the owner’s mortgage … it’s easy to say well you would make more going it this way … maybe they looked at that and said … actually no

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So either they’re deliberately sabotaging their business … or, know something you don’t

Looks like app popularity, not revenue.

They release a new Jurassic movie, it will be right back up there.

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Actually boosts came after that plummet. And the steadiness of wealth has been essentially the same since boosts arrive. That plummet was from a horrible update.

That’s totally understandable, but given all the complaints about arena unbalance, pay to win taking over and heaps of u fixed issues, and looking at the chart its clear the status quo isnt sustainable, and will only get worse with time.

What they are doing is their long term goal looks like short term profits, that’s not a healthy sign.

Now I’m not saying they dont need to make money, they do, but the way they have gone about it, such as rather than lowering prices to get more frequent sales, they have instead doubled down on the whales gouging, this not only isnt sustainable, but its damaging to the overall health of the game, and leads to bitter player base as they feel neglected and ignored, this can and does lead to player haemorrhage.

They need to be willing to accept that in order to rescue the game, they need to put short term profits to the side, fix glaring issues to maintain and bring in new players, then with a fair pricing model rake in money.

I’m not sure they are willing to do this.


So I’ll be waiting for some actual proof that boosts caused the plummet :slight_smile:

Of course nobody can prove 100% what decrease the player numbers, all I’m saying is that after their introduction the player numbers have gone down, virtually non stop since then, so clearly something is driving players away, so whatever they are doing is clearly affecting the popularity of the game and those willing to play.

Also contrary to what some migjt think about me, I would 100% love to see JWA become great, balanced and generally a fun experience again. If it just got back to its roots it would do well.

Basically when the game webt from being a go out and hunt dinosaurs and battle game, to a go to our store and buy boosts for your dinosaurs or they will be annihilated game, players started leaving.

I remember hearing in a game monetization meeting sonething the speaker said, “You cant make the game too obviously pay to win”.


I’m not denying all you say … but that is their plan … maybe they want to exit in 3 months in a blaze of boost sales … can we change that … maybe, maybe not … roll with it, enjoy the friendships you have made along the way … the sun will rise, the tide will come in, and Ludia … does what Ludia does


This post was obviously created with ill-intent. Stop feeding the trolls and they’ll go away


But … ok … can I at least poke the trolls ?


Yes father :frowning:


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