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Leaderless alliances and why we stay

Thought it would be good to ask why it is that we stay in alliances where the leaders have gone MIA or come back just for short stints only to disappear again?

Given my own experience I know I stayed because I really liked the friendships forged with a few of players. Yet as time wore on, I started to lose more and more respect for leadership and became disappointed with the lack of direction. The team became less active and DNA greed was on the rise. Yet there was still a push to get to 5/4 at the cost of core players. This experience brought on feelings of wanting to play less or just plain quit the game. It was a difficult decision since I had been there a long time but I decided to move on.

Now, I have a rejuvenated passion for the game because those around me in my new alliance share in the same excitement including our very active leaders. At the end of the day I feel leadership is very important and I would like to thank all of those Alliance leaders who work hard to keep their teams excited, motivated through example, and moving toward achieve the highest value for their time in JWA.


i agree. if you take a leadership position you should be ready to be super active.


This is Very True, and I think it also makes sense to have designated team leaders to help when life or other issues get in the way; it happens to us all. This way one person doesn’t have to do it all and shoulder that burden.


The leader of our old alliance just up and went one day. So about 35 of us decided to create a new alliance and move on over. Since the transition we have had our best results yet (4/4), just barely missing 5/4.


Although not leaderless, I’ve been in an alliance where the leader just isn’t as into it as I was. It was all fine and good because the banter was awesome until alliance missions. I would still be in that alliance to this day if not for missions. In my situation I lucked out because I am a local leader in my area and we all got together at lunch and decided to join a more active alliance that also had some Savannah locals.
I don’t even care if the leader is less active as me so long as they lead, and get the job done… and I DON’T HAVE TO. I’ve led for over 20 years and although I’m good at it, it’s work I do NOT enjoy anymore. I like an alliance where I can step up if needed for a short time, but never permanent. That would ruin the game for me if it became a job.

Awesome topic.
Everyone has different mindsets and drives and I always wondered what makes people choose an alliance.


Same thing happened to us. Life happens I get it. But if you know you arent active at least pass the role. We formed a new group, pulled most of the 25 that was active, got a few recruits and was back to our 4/3 selves all in the same week. Now just need to recruit 20 more so we can push higher


Yes, I had a similar experience. The leader was on my friends list when alliances started, and sent me so many requests to join that I decided to accept. Everything was fine at first, until I started noticing the leader came on less and less, and more and more inactive players were piling up in our alliance, and other members became stingier. You’d be lucky if you got any Diplo, and that was including some players that were lv 15+.

I wanted to stay, but we were barely reaching rank 2 at this point. It was me and about 2 other players who were active. With the leader seemingly inactive completely, I decided to leave and find a new alliance, where I’m still really happy to be now.

That being said, the old leader must have come back briefly. The alliance lost nearly half of its members at one stage, now it’s back to 50 with him as the leader still. Yet, his team hasn’t moved. Meanwhile, one of the other active members that was with me has continued climbing. I feel like at this stage he should really hand over the alliance to him…

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I couldn’t imagine abandoning my gang. I’m on too much and try to get tc as much as I can which is a huge challenge and doesn’t happen very often due to competition. If I were to leave appointing someone would be the right thing to do no matter what.


I’m very very happy where I’m at now and we’re growing so strong and most of us are active and knocking 4/4 4/5 and none of us are under lvl10…we have the best leader…as we stay packed this new clan I’m in I’m staying active…were always recruiting and if your active every single day and use discord and are over lvl 10 then drop me a message if you wanna be part of a very active team who require everyday play without drama…blessed be…

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Thank you for saying that. Most if us try to be like you describe… at least I hope so.

I wish you well in your current alliance.

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This is so true. Thanks for sharing.

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Well, now I can relate to this too. Our leader is going to be busy for a long time and no idea when he’ll return. He passed leadership to me, but I do not know how (and if I can) save the alliance. I can do up to rank 2 exploration and rank 1 defense by myself, but the other members have been less and less active (or even probably have quit since many have 0 trophies).

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as a leader, my alliance was a 3/3 and now after Multi-weeks. We are a 3/2. I ask my members to just due one arena/PVP battle to reset thier score so i know they are active. right now i could boot 15 members due to being inactive with my request. How can a leader tell who is active if they have no score?

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If you have players that are still at 0 and you aren’t seeing them request they may have stopped playing. I have had a few and sent them a message in game chat if they aren’t on our discord. Give them a little time, but odds are leaning towards finding replacements.

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I started my alliance the first day they were available. For a few months its was only me and my wife. It started growing slowly as I added a few more family members and a couple people that found us on their own.

We hit 50 members for the first time in June and I occasionally purge some 0s to let in new requests. There are some 0s that I don’t kick out because they once contributed a lot. I hope they’ll come back, but eventually I’ll have to kick them out.

We’ve never been super active, most weeks we’re 3/2 with the occasional 3/3, but I’ve always enjoyed contributing to the missions and am happy that I don’t have to get to 2/2 by myself anymore.

Idk how many members you have, and how many have 0 trophies, but if it appears that you have few active members you might consider a merger with another smaller alliance. Unfortunately right now is not a good time to find a lot of active players, and the ones that are looking for a new alliance may be looking for one that achieves 5/4 - it’s very competitive.


We have 10 that have dropped to 0 (seems they may have quit after the most recent patch). Only 5 that are active from time to time. I want to keep the alliance in case the leader returns, he has helped me a lot with sanctuary DNA in the past. And yeah, I know, lots of players are seeking 5/4 at least alliances. In the past we had several players who would join, request for rare/common DNA, and then disappear after we gave them the DNA.

So ask smaller alliances to merge with you (you being the leader)! If you look through the recruitment threads, several have brought this up in a similar situation and many don’t care to remain leader and don’t mind joining someone else’s alliance.

BTW, remember this is now your alliance, and you’re the one who has to make all the decisions. All the best!

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out.

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We are starting week 3 of our new alliance. It was a hard decision but we got about 20 or so of our old alliance members to move with us, and then recruited. We missed 5/4 by rare DNA only last week. We havent sniffed 5 in months and even got a 3/3 during our slump. Change is good. Talk to the active and find a place that fits you.

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