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Leaders, what are the reasons people are leaving the game

Just a random question based on what I see. Seen over the past 2 updates with major changes to the game, no boosts resets, glitchy raids, VIP advertisements, long raids and OP dinos coming in…alot of people are leaving the game behind. Think some have got bored, some have gone back to more normality post covid.

Just wondering what other leaders of other players have seen for long standing players leaving the game. Be interesting to see what you’ve found.

Big one I’ve seen is that Apex are no longer the top dinos to go for so why waist time on a raid when they serve little to no purposes in the game


What about the new apex’s? (Hydraboa, hasst, refre) many still don’t have them, or still working on them, and hydraboa seems to be pretty good? I’m not a leader, and my alliance (while not no1 is still probably one of the best out there) hasn’t really had this effect happen, I can 100% believe it is. I am NOT a alliance leader, but just what I’ve seen personally and from friends

Yeah the new look OK…but the new uniques with the swap in rend, plus priority attack…plus shield breaks, plus distraction. And with scropious having, swap in dodge, speed, shield break, stun, damage over time, distraction.

Compare that to the apex that have only 2 or 3 skills. The unique are overpowered.

But that’s a side note…juat see alot of players leaving as they feel too much changed too soon with no way to adjust or just getting bored of the long repetitive raids.


Think it’s mainly the last 2 updates that has put people off. Yes I know some people love the changes, but I think it has pushed away alot of people. Think it’s a 50/50 for those who love the changes and those that hate, but if 50% of the player base drops away…then the game will slowly die away


Yup :disappointed_relieved: (10 words)

I disagree. While Apexes should be the best dinos, when it comes down to it, it doesn’t really matter which dinos are the best as long as the meta is diverse and balanced. This alone would not cause people to quit, maybe unless you’re a drama queen.


One of the reasons are definitely the bugs that annoy every day.

Another is the “Ludia system”. With every version, new dinos are added, some of them completely OP. Then players bust their asses to level up these dinos. Only to find that they get nerved again before or exactly when they are finally team level. Then there’s the “rebalancing” that changes again with each version, completely disregarding dinos from older versions instead of beefing them up to make the arena more diverse.
On top of that, you often need the same dinos to create or level the new ones, e.g. currently Carno.
Those who regularly donate
or push dinos for tournaments are the losers in this system and are still “punished” because some players have the new dinos after a short time on team level.
The topics PvP, VIP I do not even want to touch.
Many spend many hours before or after a working day with raids, SEs, etc. too.
At some point, the players just ask themselves the question of whether it’s still fun.


Should probably add some punctuation to the title; I read it as Leaders are the reason people are leaving the game. Either a comma or a question mark would be helpful.

But to answer the question: I think it’s probably a little of both. Nerfing the Apex (and other) creatures people put time into coordinating raids, the complete revamp of resilients, and the introduction of two new OP dinos ALL without a boost reset leave a lot of people high and dry.

They can either bench their boosted stuff and lose, or they can pay the piper to get 50% of their boosts back, or they can play their underleveled/unboosted OP dinos.

It’s a lose/lose/lose.


Apex nerf certainly didn’t help matters for the more seasoned players. You build an apex up for a year or more and not only do new dinos counter it, but a nerf on top of that is like rubbing salt in the wound.

Then you see new dinos requiring the very same dna as the Dino from the previous update! And on top of that a deer is running riot killing all in its path as it has more heals than a cobbler!!!

The fact that progression pretty much stops for so many players once they hit Library is another factor. The way so many players get reset in the very same place every month is crazy.

And last but not least has to be the way that we are expected to lose half our boosts if we want to swap some over after Ludia nerf the dinos we have. This is just a money grab and shouldn’t be allowed but I guess it isn’t going away anytime soon.


I know this is a bit hypocritical because I am about the trophy count of the ppl who do this but when some players get to the level where there are apexes they freak and say nerf. They are already doing it with refrentham and soon hydra boa and haast.

I don’t understand why they listen because the apexes are suppost to be op

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Countless bugs and power creep


I haven’t had a single bad bug so far and i have been playing since last december

I’m taking a hiatus from the arena (which will only end when/if Ludia give us a boost reset) if it counts. My reason for this is because so many creatures have been changed - nerfs, resilient changes, and even buffs (I use Poukan, and with the new buff she received, I need to change the boost allocation) - yet we’ve had no boost reset. That’s not to mention all of the new powercreep dinos that have been added which make all of my older dinos worthless and my coins wasted.

Also - repetition. How many more times am I gonna have to open a 3 hour incubator and get the SAME dinos? Why are they not being shuffled every update? It’s not fun getting Postosuchus all day long.


I get 17 maisaurua every other it seems like and i like it

I think the frustration is that Ludia doesn’t seem to learn from past mistakes. Some dinos are OP and unbalanced so new hybrids are created to counter them. Next update even more OP and unbalanced hybrids are created to balance those. Then, random good dinos are nerfed while others are not.

As a player I don’t know whether to spend my coin and boosts on building up the top-performing dinos as it’s impossible to know if they will be nerfed or targeted with new dinos next time.

That’s the nub of it — I don’t know what to focus on evolving anymore


The most vocal group is in Aviary or Library and most still have no clue what end game dinos are… Many of them also didn’t bother to raids, so being stumped in those arenas by end games dinos was a problem. They’ve asked for nerf, and dinos to counter them, and they got both. That’s what happen when the bulk of the players decide for the others. So basically now, getting to the Spheres or Shores is even harder than ever since it’s filled with $$$ players and their high level Skoona, Testa, etc, while those who work hard on their Apexes have their boosts stuck into them.


But i feel battle incubs should either be buffed or rare and epic ones should be less rare

I think the change away from Apexes in 2.10 has more to do with new dinos being added than the actual nerfs.

Part of it is that people seem to overreact to ANY nerf without actually following it’s implications. Honestly Ludia could probably say “Reduced Hadros Luxes HP to 5100” (it’s current value), and some people would STILL freak out just because of the word “reduced”.

In 2.9 there were only two Apexes in the meta, and we all know who they were. They got nerfs in 2.10, but I don’t think those on their own should have done much. As others have said it was a bit of a 1-2 punch of nerfs and powerful new dinos, but I personally put FAR more blame on the new dinos, namely because the Apex changes are very disproportionately small compared to how people perceive them now.

Magnus was strong because of it’s powerful swap in attack. It still has that attack, but now it does 200 less damage. The other changes don’t really amount to much, only being slightly slower with slightly less armor, and getting crits 10% less often. Still, this is definitely a nerf. But it’s not such a massive nerf that Magnus lost the core of what it is or what it could do. By itself, it should NOT have been enough to drop Magnus from your team or make it not worth raiding for.

Hadros is similar. Granted, it’s nerfs were a bit more significant, but it should still be good. It’s counter still inflicts vulnerable, and it still has a rampage on turn 1. It did lose it’s other rampage, but at least now it can slow. And it lost 150 attack. I won’t pretend it’s just as good as before, but like Magnus these changes alone should not have been enough to make Hadros irrelevant.

So why are players dropping these dinos? I don’t think it’s because they’re particularly bad, but because other dinos are good. You only get 8 slots on your team, so people are going to use the 8 best dinos. Magnus was used as a swap in, and people typically seem to run only 1 or 2 swap in attackers on their team. In 2.10, Magnus got some very strong competition from Phorurex for this slot, and even being slightly worse allows other swappers like Monolorhino to catch up. I think this is generally good though, since players have more of a choice depending on their team and the meta. Magnus still has an edge in group acceleration, giving it a priority strike on turn 1. Since Monolorhino has the same swap in attack, Magnus will almost always outdamage Monolorhino on turn 1 in the same situations.

Hadros is a bit different. In 2.9 it was so broken that there was pretty much nowhere to go but down. The thing is, 2.9 Hadros also to some extent masked just how strong some other dinos like Skoona and Testa were. While the changes to Hadros made it reasonably strong, Skoona and Testa are pretty much just as strong as before, so they’re not unreasonably strong, and outcompeting Hadros for a teams “strong resilient” slot. And you also have other strong uniques like Scorpius, Phorurex, and Indominus competing for this slot as well. Yes this means uniques are beating an Apex for a slot on your team, but it’s more because the uniques are too strong than from the Apex being too weak relative to the general balance curve.

It’s like on a scale from 1-10 (with 10 being the strongest), you ideally want Apexes at an 8 or 9 and Uniques at a 7 or 8. 2.9 Hadros was at a 10, stronger than it should have been. Stuff like Testa and Skoona were also overtuned, being at around a 9, but these were overshadowed by just how strong Hadros was. 2.10 rightfully nerfed Hadros, bringing it to around an 8.5 or 8. Maybe slightly on the weak end, but still around as strong as an Apex should be relatively to most uniques. And notice that I said MOST uniques: it’s really just a few of the most recently released or buffed uniques that are the problem here. Most of the older unique dinos like Indoraptor, Smilonemys, Trykosaurus, etc. are still weaker than or at most around as strong as Hadros is now (so it’s not like ALL uniqes are better than the Apexes). But since Skoona and Testa are still basically as strong as they were before, they’re still at a 9, only now that makes them preferable to Hadros. But the problem isn’t necessarily that Hadros was nerfed too much, but that these dinos were previously buffed too much. A big part of me thinks that this is intentional, since Ludia makes more money by rotating the top tiers out, making you pay more money to invest in the new ones every month. Ideally, they would expand the size of the group of high tier viable dinos instead of just rotating out the OP dino of the month, but they won’t do that because it isn’t as profitable.


Yeathe problem is me being kind of low level i focus on a dino to get then before i can get even close it is nerfed and in talking this has been happening for a while. I could hardly even get sarcorixis past lvl 14 before it got nerfed