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Leaders, what are the reasons people are leaving the game

Messed up :pensive:

Bad RNG is also probably a factor.

To be fair, CRITs have become a bit less of a problem since many of the higher tiered creatures actually need abilities specifically meant to boost CRIT chance in order to actually land a CRIT, but things like the higher chances to Dodge chance or resistance to Stun failing more often than they really should is exacerbating.

TBH, I’m partly convinced that the outcome of a match has already been decided before you even select your first creature to send out.

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I feel the same.

Just yesterday, my Hadros hit 4 crits (!) in one match. She only used 3 attacks (plus 3 counters). And Mortem seems to have an 80% chance to crit when up against a distraction dino, seriously. RNG is atrocious in this game, it rarely feels balanced.


Having a laid back and lax alliance, most just get bored and stop playing. I’m ever cleaning out players who haven’t been playing in 2-3 weeks. Some move one to other alliances. All in all, I seem to be maintaining 46 to 50 but most not all that active.

I’ve been feeling burned out a bit over the last couple months and haven’t been playing as hard either.

My alliance went a few months getting rank 6 & 7 but over the last two months, I think we are just burning out only to get rank 4 & 4 the last couple weeks. You’d think there would be more excitement with having legendary’s and unique’s to dart but that isn’t raising inspiration.

For the amount of creatures now, it’s got to be overwhelming to new players.

I play PvP in spurts just to try out the new creatures but then go months barely touching it. I don’t need the stress, I guess. I’m hoping for group PvP in 3.0 when ever it comes. I mean, they have all the creatures set up for it.

Can sympathise with the burnout. As a leader you have to keep players motivated when the game developers knock then down. It’s exhausting sometimes

I also imagine that new players coming up against droppers more and more often is incredibly discouraging, especially the longer we go on without new arenas for the top players to reach

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Funnily enough, the last part reminded me of when I first started playing jwa and indo was introduced. It WAS op, with 2 turns 100% evasive I think? Almost untouchable. And the creature was oppressively hard to make at tat time. By the time I got it, it has been nerfed several times. Different times, same cycle :thinking:


The constant glitches and the mess of the last 2 updates had a major part plus the changes to the apexes when some have just finally achieved them or put so much effort into them and no boost reset to help adjust against all the changes etc.

Game has always had bugs so I dont really think that’s it.
It’s kinda expected at this point.
Here’s my guesses for hardcores.
Battles have gone from average of 5 min to 7+ min and they went from fun somewhat action packed to painfully boring.
You shouldn’t know if you won or lost a battle right off the bat and theres nothing you can really do about it.

For the casuals?
My wife cant master a meta in a month and she now has absolutely no clue what to do. She now has no clue what dinos do what, what goals she should be working on, and what she should actually be doing.
Ludia needs to provide purpose, direction, and motivation.
There hasn’t been any for the last couple patches.


I am free to play, never even had VIP. I have lots of lvl 30 creatures and about 12 max boosted. I normally finish the arena season on 6400+ but lately I now only battle to get the daily incubator and I’m much happier now rather than having the stress of always having to have an incubator running.

This game is about money, which is fair enough, but I don’t want to spend money on it which is why I will never be the best player. I accept that and now just enjoy playing the game.

I feel sorry for the people who spend real money on this game as Ludia seem to make significant changes without compensating those that has ‘wasted’ their own money.

Enjoy playing the GAME or don’t play it is my opinion.

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But why do you think players are leaving the game?

Just for a different perspective, my alliance hasn’t lost any players, and for the first time in a while I have a waiting list. But that doesn’t mean everyone is happy with the issues pp discussed (and I agree with).

There’s a lot to enjoy in the game. Although I’m frustrated that I still haven’t reached the Beach, I do quite well in tournaments and enjoy those much more than the arena. So I guess loyal players all find aspects of the game they (still) enjoy.

And I haven’t given up hope that Ludia will finally fix mm, bugs and other problems!

I would guess the main factors are:

Battles have been more longer and less fun across all aspects of the game (with no improvement on the ever-present bugs and lag that have been wasting endless hours of players’ time for years). As people try to move toward a new normalcy after lockdowns, etc., I think there is even less tolerance for this.

There is no progression when Ludia nerfs players’ teams at 5x the rate they can improve them with no compensation. It’s like, why bother? Cannot boost the new uniques to team level, so not going to spend the coin to level them, so not going to hunt for any components that may be needed. Cannot compete in PVP with diehards and whales and attempting to compete in shores produces less resources and costs more time due to the matchmaking fiasco there, so dropping in inevitable.

Overall boredom. The raids are the same every week. Towers only remotely interesting for a very small percentage of the player base. PVP and tournament battles change very little month-to-month for players outside the top 100 who can’t adjust on the fly to ludia’s screwballs. The zones are rotated monthly, but the dinos in the wild have not changed in over a year. Few will have the patience to sit looking at a scent for hours or go drive around for 1 new creature in a specific area this far along in the game.

It can all feel a little pointless when you stop to think about it. The game needs a major shot in the arm desperately IMO.

I think the same as what has already been stated.

This game is mainly about darting or battling (pvp or raids) but believe that most of the frustrations that has
led to people leaving are over creature changes when many have invested significant time and money to get them to team level… it is so disheartening to finally get your lvl 30 maxed boosted only to have it nerfed.

I actually don’t mind creature changes happening if it allows us to add variety to the game but it needs to coincide with a boost reshuffle to offset the issue.


Actually, the Apex nerf was one of the few good things in the last months. Almost every team looked almost the same. And let’s be honest, they were just too strong for how easy they are to get.

If this would have been the only change, the diversity in the arena could have increased and made it more interesting again as other dinos would be able to compete better with apex.

But instead of using this change to achieve a better balanced meta they just ruined it with new buffs and new op dinos. Now we are in the same situation again just with other dinos.

I agree 100% with alll this, plus the boosts are all tied up elsewhere and I am sick of having to give 50% back, and I am sure most are so we sit on what we have and wait. I won’t dump $100s to stay relevant . because the meta is changed monthly at this point. There should have been two boost shuffles by now because of the enormous changes made.


Ok, whoever said that…why! Do you hate the game!?

Im really not sure

They arent ez 4 most ppl…