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Leaders, what are the reasons people are leaving the game

Nerfing the whole resilient class without offering a boost reshuffle drove me away because frankly, it felt like a bait and switch scam on Ludia’s part and I hate being ripped off. So I cancelled VIP. I still play but I’ve lost any enthusiasm I had. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I won’t trust Ludia ever again.


No, they are not easy to get.


If you are in a decent alliance and are using external communication apps like Discord it is definitely easier to get an apex compared to level up a unique to lvl 26. in addition you don’t even need to spend coins to reach level 26.


It totally depends on which unique and whether you take into account time.

I accept that if your alliance is helpful you may be able to get it done in 20 minutes or so assuming there are people online and willing at the exact same time as you. To be fair let’s say half an hour to allow for waiting and organising.

Average fuse is 20, so that’s 15 weeks to unlock or seven and a half hours. To max it out at level 30 you’ll need a further 700 dna or 35 more weeks at 30 minutes a week which is another seventeen and a half hours. So at best that’s 25 hours grinding to get it maxed out.

With harder apex that’s being extra generous, I’m sure many of us would love to have done Gorgo in 30 minutes from day one from start to finish every time! Not to mention that with every apex there is a need for decent unique dinos at good levels even when carrying those who haven’t got them.

So if that’s easy then fine but it really isn’t, it requires good dinos, commitment, luck, good organisation and a stack of coins.

A unique is given away every month with a decent alliance, and that’s surely so much easier to get than an apex. Plus you can buy a unique every week should you wish to. And a good alliance will donate dna to help with the grind for uniques. Not to mention the opportunities always available in buying dna components on a daily basis. None of this is possible for Apex. It takes the best part of a year no matter who you are.


But you need other creatures on High level to get an Apex.

  • No boost shuffle or even reset after quite a change to the meta
  • The lack of communication, especially with the login issue, the daily mission issue that happened when the update came out, and just lack of communication in general
  • The further promotions of VIP
  • The bugs, especially ones in game for even 2 years like the alliance chat bug, etc
  • The pain of RNG in this game, most matches are decided on team RNG, crits, stuns, and dodges, and with resistances it makes it feel like you will get stunned even if you have a 75% resistance.
  • Speedties, too much based on ping to Ludia servers and how well your phone/tablet performs
  • The game becoming more p2p. F2p players have too much of a struggle with the matchmaking, and advantage tourneys.(Yes, the point is to grind but still even then it is quite a problem)

I’m not having much fun in the game anymore because of the nerfing and the ways that people act to you I’m like about to be done so but I’ll still play it sometimes


The deer. 10 chars

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The damn bird from epic tournament

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