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League bound

Just realised that the current system should keep you in a fairly fixed position within a league

Assuming relatively similar team qualities within a league, The likelihood of winning/losing shouldn’t change dramatically regardless of who you fight within the league, rather it should be largely determined by initiative and team composition.

Yet as you move up you are increasingly likely to fight people beneath You in trophies and increasingly likely to lose more trophies when you lose (and win less when you win)

Hence getting stuck in a gravity well

Yeah, I’m going nowhere fast, winning probably about 60% give or take. But losing against lower trophy count enemies happen because of the inherent randomness of PvP. So I can’t seem to move

While I agree with these sentiments, others will disagree. Shortly after the update, I made similar comments, and was surprised to discover a few outspoken enthusiasts disputed my assessment. Perhaps these players are among the few who have successfully ascended in trophy ranking.

Since the update my trophy count has only improved negligibly. I remain stuck in the lower echelon of the Labyrinth League, far below my highest trophy count. Unfortunately, as only limited time remains this season, it seems unlikely I will be able to reach the Underdark League. In 4 days I will be bumped back into the Burntbone League and will likely be compelled to battle against players whose renown is inferior by 6-7 levels. This will not be fun for anyone.

[Poster’s Edit: Foreseeing an upcoming post outlining in great detail how my opinion is comprehensively flawed because I referenced ‘inferior renown’ in association with weaker players, when clearly I ought to be well aware renown is irrelevant because even incompetent nyaffs are able retain high renown, please feel free to amend “compelled to battle against players whose renown is inferior by 6-7 levels.” to “compelled to battle much weaker opponents.”
This being said I am confident I am correct in asserting it is not fun to be matched against players with whom I am separated by 6-7 renown levels. Hopefully this resolves any such mulish animus.]

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Pre- leagues I was around 3300-3400

I dropped down to 2750 with the reset and then quickly to 2500 I have worked my way up to 2700-2900 and seem to bounce around there now. I play 20-40ish battles depending in the day.

I haven’t really raised any character levels outside of the pally and jarlaxle who I don’t have in my rotation, so it makes sense that with no real improvement in my characters or their gear, that I have floated around the same spot the whole time. Once I gain some levels or pick up some gear for my “battle” heroes I figure I will probably move up a bit.

All of my characters are 13 except for 10 and 11 for pally and jarlaxle, but I am closing in on 14 for most.

My renown is 19 but since renown is just an indicator of how many times you have leveled and doesn’t do anything itself for battles, that really doesn’t matter. For example I have raised my renown up two points just by getting jarlaxle to 10 and raising pally from 7-11 since the update and it hasn’t changed anything about my pvp since i don’t have them in roster. I haven’t held back any leveling to gain gear. If I can level a player or their gear I do so automatically without any kind of strategy.

This seems to be by design. See my post re: trophies, leagues and PvP here:

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I actually played a bot called “(something or other) …gatekeeper” the other day. The trophy count was about 2970 so it literally was a gatekeeper

I am in burntbone. To get to the next tier i will have to be in the top 400. There is an incredibly small pool of players in each league. What a waste.