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League of Shadows is recruiting

League of Shadows is an awesome international alliance, and now has some open spots for active players. So if u want to be a part of a great group of enthousiastic people, come and join League of Shadows!!

What we offer:
-First of all, friendly and helpfull bunch of people. We all try to help people to win the raids.
-2 or 3 lvl 20 Sanctuaries, where u can get all the good and scarce DNA, all u want
-Every week we consistently reach lvl 8/10 incubators @ the alliance missions
-Every monday is coin-rush… An easy way for members to gather those extra needed coins
-A Discord channel, with lots of tips, tactics, cash-links, banter and fun
-International Alliance, so all people should have enough chance to do raids

What we ask of u:
-Join our Discord channel… (this is mandatory, as of all communication goes through Discord)
-Every week, do at least 10 take-downs in the alliance tournament.
-Your minimum trophy lvl should be at least 2000 or higher (>badlands) so u can participate in the tournaments.
-Be active

If this sounds good to you, PM me for more information on how to join Discord and our amazing alliance!

Hope to welcome you soon!

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i don’t have discord, and im not allowed to have it.

okay… sorry to hear. Thank you for your response

so if i were to want to join, id need discord?

Yes… The game chat is very buggy and broken, so it is mandatory…
Besides, it’s a huge help in coordinating the raids… It helps you take down the toughest bosses.
So that’s why we made it mandatory…

ok, thank you for the thought of having me.

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The strong help the weak… this is an awesome alliance!

What is your discord

I sent a request to join, mammallama. I just need the discord info. Thx

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Just joined, waiting for approval :slight_smile:

All, check your pm… see you on discord and ingame!

We have some spots open… come join us.

PMed, pls do let me know if i can join

Hello, I’m a daily active player who is looking for a new alliance to join. I have one other alliance member who is also looking to leave with me and we are both active players. Do you have room for two new players? I am on discord and can speak with you more.

LoS is recruiting again. We could use some good players who like to do battles to reach weekly 9/10 and tournament lvl 9 again. Pls contact me if u are interested and qualify.

LoS is all about team effort, so come join this great top 200 alliance!

We have 1 or 2 spots open for active players! and we would like to grow! If interested, check our simple requirements and contact me through PM. u won’t regret joining this amazing alliance which is a member of the bigger ARK as well, so very well organised.

We lost 1 player, so If u are active and qualify and want to help reaching tier 9 this month for the monolorhino, please contact me

I am definitely interested in joining.

League of Shadows had to say goodbye to 2 members for personal reasons so now we have some open spots to fill in this awesome alliance!

What we can offer:

3 lvl 20 sanctuaries
Guaranteed raid succes for all members in all raids
Every week steady lvl 10 and lvl 8 (9) incubator rewards
Monthly at least lvl 8 (9) incubator
Coin rush monday
Organized discord with strats, cash links etc etc.
International alliance (feels like a family)

What we ask:
Do your 10 takedowns every weekend
Use of discord
Be active and friendly
Minimum trophy count >3500

Contact me on discord if u are interested.


Or dm/pm me on this forum, reaction from me can take longer though.

Hope to see you soon!!

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We have some free space for the new season, come join us!