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[Leak?] Centrosaurus or Sinoceratops gen 2 Leak?

This is not my image! It was from my friend on Instagram but i don’t have facebook so i can’t shot my own picture:/

@Mohammed_Johnson any clue? You’re a well editor so you should see something fakes here!
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Edit: zoom the picture

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I don’t think it’s real. I also think that’s styracosaurus. Centrosaurus and sinoceratops have different frills


I was neverheard of styracosaurus haha! I’ll keep find some similar image on internet to make sure it is make up or not!

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Looks fake to me.


Can’t will anything! Cuz the picture quality are not enough for us to see the thing clear :man_shrugging:t3: but til now i don’t see any similar image to that! Cuz if it is made up it should be another part liked background or the Creatures on internet :confused: and the shadow radio seemly very correct to the Creatures

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It’s very badly rendered


This looks strange but if it is a real creature better hope I can unlock it


I don’t hope it is not real, it doesn’t look good :joy:

That looks fake and it isn’t a sino gen2

It has a body of a draco and stygi


said nobody ever

It looks like a hybrid of styraco and dracorex gen 2

Does it not?? Dracoceratops gen 2?

It kinda does

Maybe it is a dracoceratops gen2 but it’s a rare so I really don’t think it’s a dracoceratops gen2

Well seems pretty fake as most others have said lol
and I don’t think it can be a domehead+ceratopsian either as some have suggested, just doesn’t seem like it would fit the “art style” ludia has for the hybrids. But i do hope styraco comes into the game eventually with other popular dinos that are still missing


Uhm what? Why cant it be a rare?

dracorex isnt technically a dome head considering its head is pretty flat, but I also agree that it might not be dracorex because it would have more spikes on its frill than just the typical styraco… although it has 8 spikes on its frill instead of 6 so then again it might be

And I agree this isnt ludias art

Yeah, I just call them domeheads or bumperheads when being vague lol