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Leaked Epic Strike Events 03/04 - 03/10





Epic strike bosses for the rest of the week
Can you help me?

Let’s just say Sunday is going to be scary!!! Fast, high damage, hit and run, and bleed!! :scream:


That Sunday strike will be so horsecrap.

Level 30 Utarinex with level 30 Utahsinraptor AND Darwinopterus??? Is Ludia being crazy with this one???

Well, that will be such a dodge or die match :joy:
I can’t think of anything else that I can do about that one


Sounds like a mission for the sand dunes


Oh God, even the theme one will be hard … I’m going to wait for planning the Sunday one…


For the Sunday one:


Since we’re playing AI we might be able to get Dracocera in there twice. Could be risky though.


Like, what I can currently think of as a possibly viable strategy, if the AI will behave the way I expect it to.

Utarinex or Utahsinraptor starts.

Start with at least lvl 21 Tryostronix.
Use Ready to Crush. If they start with Distracting, you are golden. If Utahsinraptor starts and does critical impact first, then this one won’t work.

Darwinopterus swaps in. Use Defense shattering rampage and if it crits, Darwinopterus is out.

Whatever comes in out of the two. Hopefully Utahsinraptor. It kills your Tryostronix. Draw I-Rex, hit cloak and pray you dodge at least the critical impact. You can survive the Distracting.
If you do, that is Utahsinraptor out.

There comes Utarinex. Because your I-Rex is alive (hopefully), use the cheap shot Dracoce-RAT-OP-s or Dracorex Gen 2. It will die, but take the big hit. Draw Erlidominus. It will most likely use Instant charge, so activate Cloak. You can survive that even if your cloak fails. Rampage and GG.


I think to open with magna is the best for this one or other dinos with faster speed, let’s say 129. Yours depends too much on the RNG I feel.


BTW, stats, if anyone wants to do number-crunching.

  • Utarinex
    Damage: 1884
    Health: 5105

  • Utahsinraptor:
    Damage: 1933
    Health: 3647

  • Darwinopterus:
    Damage: 1228
    Health: 3647


I don’t have magna yet but I might after darting Pyrritator on Friday. I’ve got a 22 Erlidom, 25 Spinotasuchus and 22 Diloracheirus.


That’s a lot of health on Rinex.


Actually, that might not even be a bad idea, since Magnapyrritor can twoshot Darwinopterus and wound Utarinex. I completely forgot about Magna.

I don’t have any other ideas for the other two though than the dodger duo, because they will both distract you back as well as having instant charge, so good luck winning the damage race against them. That is my issue, anything I can think of will be distracted back, so turn two damage is ruined. And if you cleanse turn two, you will eat an instant charge in the face on turn 3.

By the way, I assume lvl 21-22 for my and others dinos. Obviously it’s more easily doable with lvl 26 dinos, but not a lot of people have those.

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I don’t think… that Sunday is possible… unless u are a top tier battler with level 24 uniques at least… So no chance for me, my average team level is 20. Utarinex AND Utasinoraptor. Def the hardest strike to date. That utasino is gonna crit and one shot all my dinos. Good luck and a procerathomimus are really my only chance at this. And I am not known to have good luck.


Strategies (if possible) for the strikes using my team?
Tany will be 20 soon

(Also, is my team good? I’m in lockdown, marshes)


Utharinex, do you bleed?


Hey guys,

Thanks @Raven for your numbers, slight difference based on my formula as I don’t have rinex (maybe someone with a level 30 can confirm)…1 on Utarinex Health/Dmg…lol

Here are the critical numbers if it happens to you often:

Collected AI Movesets:
Darwinopterus (likes to be swapped into/out based on AI strategy): Cleansing Impact, Pin Strike, Pin Strike
Utasinoraptor: Crit Impact, Instant Charge, Distract Impact
Utarinex: none…yet

Hoping this setup results in a 1st turn swap into Darwin so leading with immune creature is a good strategy into fast brute force. Those with Erlidom should have a good start then.There will be swapping for sure so we shall see what crazy AI will happen. Keeping that DracoC on the side helps to knock out the swapped in and get rid of the bleed if necessary. Like @Piere87 said, if you’re lucky to not get crit by the 5% you might be able to use your 26 DracoC twice.

As always, we will rely on the most confident to go first and report back the most favorable order/moveset. I’m sure @Pepito_Aie will make another great post again…lol. I’ll chime in again!


Utarinex will probably just run the minute you bleed it. And Darwin has cleansing so I don’t know if bleeding is the strategy here.

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Darwin was in today’s rare tower and the AI swapped into it after Tany made it’s first move. So it’s possible it may wait until it does some damage to swap. Maybe the strike tower on Saturday will shed some light on possible moves. I’m thinking stegod will need to come out of retirement to deal with Pyrritator in that one.


Proceratomimus can be MVP for sunday if Utasino will swap at all in Darwin. ID, after swap DR, ID, CI from Darwin, Evasive, swoop, DR, DI. Suchotator, Stegodeus and Tragodistis for Uta duo.