Leaked final epic strike tower?


Not my image but saw it on another page. Would be brutal.

Yes, saw it on the Facebook page earlier in the morning. If we thought Indoraptor was brutal, this would be double the worse!!

Imagine, you were unable to get through the evasive stance of Indoraptor (and getting bashed), and your only hope is it’s 3rd move after which the cloak ends… and suddenly … it swaps with Alan barging in using it’s SIA of Invincibility! Another full health opponent without taking any damage.

Looks like this is one match I won’t miss/ignore for sure!!

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Only chances against invincibility is a shield crusher, shatters the shield and invincibility stance. My Epic T-Rex might just do the trick if I can keep it alive enough

Ouch, this one is going to hurt… going to need a good plan and decent luck to win this guy

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now that is scary lol

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This won’t be to hard if you have a spinotasuchus. Start with spino and use it’s bleed attack. Odds are the game will switch on second turn of fight so use the spino swoop. If it switches alanky will be down 20% on first turn if it doesn’t switch the indo probably uses cleansing impact to clear bleed but is half dead. Kill the alanky and then let indo kill your dude. Bring back spino and bleed indo again. Indo should be dead or really close on first tick of second bleed. The game typically uses creatures with SIA very quickly.


Looks like I may be able to put my Tryko to some use after all

Similarly something with a high stun chance can use its move on round 2… if you stun the bird on entry, you will get 2 free attacks against it with any decent speed. I’m giving a second option here as many players don’t have spinotasuchus. Your route is probably the most safe.

Yeah I was just basing my strategy on having fought bots the last two weeks on the tournament. 75% of the teams had at least one SIA dino on it. Always came in second turn of the match.

I blame the Russians whether this is really a thing or not

My ‘believe it when I see it’ sensors are going off. I’m thinking it’s a shopped image. It doesn’t make sense to me… The top says “attack indoraptor”, but why would it say that if the alankylosaurus is there too? Plus, nothing about terror strike or halloween or anything.

I call fake.

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Its already been data mined that this is a strike tower challenge… metahub had an article on 10/11 that showed a whole bunch of them including the kapro/irritator one we just had.