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Leaked New hybrids?

So I was checking the mail and in crossbreed carousel, I noticed a new dragon.

The thing next to Royalwing, and also the one in the top left. Any idea what those are? I checked the book of dragons and they haven’t shown up.

The one next to Royalwing is the Hoarsbrumble (Hybrid between Typhoomerang and Thunderdrum). While the one at the top left is (presumably) the Humbanger (Hybrid between Snafflefang and Whispering Death)

(But don’t tell anyone as we are probbly not supposed to know that yet i guess :p)

Hey Vikings,

We’re glad that you noticed the new crossbreeds :wink: . Don’t worry, feel free to talk about it haha!

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Okay, I shall do so then. A few weeks ago or so I searched for all the portraits of dragons i could find and made this.

I think it could be something useful for newer players as it shows hybrids with their parent species next to each other. And might even be help more seasoned players decide which dragons to aim for next.

(note: yes the picture contains dragons that are not yet in the game such as the hoarsbrumbles and the Deathgrippers.)


I honestly don’t know how to write a composed message right now I’m just far too excited about deaTHGRIPPERS.




image image


Oeps one of these is alredy found

No! The first is Thunderdrum+Thyphoomerang, the second one is Monstrous Nightmare+Whispering Death :wink:

Monstrous Nightmare? Are you sure it isn’t Snafflefang+Whispering Death?

Damn, sorry, you’re right. I don’t know all dragon names in English and I have done a little mess :sweat_smile:
Thank you for correcting me!

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