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"Learn to counter it"

I’ve been hearing this phrase a lot lately from several perspectives on this forum, and honestly I can’t think of a phrase more pretentious and toxic to the community. It only serves to dismiss the user’s opinion of a dino as invalid without providing any other form of defense. It serves to degrade and insult the intelligence of the other person. Such a sad way to provide a rebuttal.

In regards to dinos that are controversial, rather than saying this, why not actually suggest some counters? Or some strategies?


I’ve seen it thrown around a decent amount.
If you don’t share the same opinion that is ok. Best just to state why and try offering useful advice. It may not change the opposition’s opinion, but it could help them figure something out deal with their problem.


Which dinosaur are you looking to counter?
I can’t think of any that can’t be countered off the top of my head.


We’ve seen countless people display this kind of nonsensical rambling.

Its like waving big red flag saying “Yup, I’ve got the Dino you’re talking about and I desperately rely on that move to win!”

But you’re right. The forum can be quite the toxic place though. I’ve seen many fellow OGs ditch it for private discord’s just to avoid the noise of keyboard warriors. It’s also the same reason the mods are very proactive about calling people out.


Hi bobbymcfeen, many people have offered suggestions for counters to specific creatures. It has been done. Please look through and read thoroughly.

Some creatures may present more of a problem. Especiallyiif you do not have counter creatures.

I had so much difficulty fighting sinoceratops, Utahsino in the lower levels. I hated them and cursed them as much as I could. Did that help? Nope.

But as I levelled up, got better creatures, they were no longer a problem.

You need to level up, get more relevant creatures, etc.

Dont just keep harping on the same issue forever.


Ive seen this forum go from a place we could “talk shop” to a place where everyone comes to protect their investments.

Boost 2.0 brought this transformation… we got 400 dollar max boosted dinos that a monomimus style nerf will let the users get back 200 dollars worth of those boost.

Everyone was laughing at the draco rework… till the survey dropped… and they realized their heavily boosted dino could be nerfed. Now everyone is like oh yeah games perfectly balanced now. Learn to counter it… no more nerfs…

Truth is Ludia giveth so you can boost it… then Ludia taketh away anyway.

And Ludia will take it away… so youll be forced to spend 200 dollars on the next tyrant…

Its literally how Ludia keeps the meta changing. Its their business strategy… your not gonna save your dinos from getting nerfed cause thats not how Ludia operates.


Ugh… I temporary joined the toxic club when I was going through a rough patch in my life a few months ago.

Don’t want to go through that again.

It used to be easier to work on counters for creatures, but boosts made that more difficult.


It annoys me as well.

“This dino is way too overpowered, I think it needs a ner-” “jUsT lEaRn tO cOuNter iT” “But it’s basically impossib-” “i sAiD lEaRn tO cOuNtEr iT” “But what if it’s impossible to coun-” “jUsT lEaRn iT gOdDaMmIt!!!”

I think you get my point.


Toxic? That’s what the mods say when people complain in order for us to feel like we’re behaving badly, but this forum is not toxic. I haven’t seen a well behaved forum like this ever.


People aren’t saying that because they’re scared of nerfs. Really far fetched. I’m not using yoshi and I’m not expecting a nerf, I still think it’s not as big a threat as people claim. Imagine it being unboosted, it’s just a good dino. Things that become overpowered because of boosts are not overpowered themselves. Boosts are.


Well it’s not as toxic as the incessant nerf this nerf that posts


You don’t like that sentence? Learn to counter it


Seriously though, I agree. Except it isn’t just “lately”. Someone always says that when there’s any kind of complaint about any creature. I’ve seen people say it even when someone complained about Cautious Strike… And there ain’t anything more deserving of complaints today than that


Seriously? You’ve also been offered plenty of countering creatures and moves. The fact that you expect instant results doesn’t change the fact that you really do need to learn to counter.


I would like to see a new move introduced. Swap in nullifying strike, bound for 2 turns.

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I was probably one of them that said it. Lol

What @Asta said sums up the situation: there’s no “Learn to counter it” in this world of boosts. Y’all might as well be saying “Learn to boost more”


There are counters for every type of dino. The fact that someone complains and says “X dino needs a nerf” just means that you have not yet learned how to counter it (or you dont have the dinos to counter yet) so instead of working towards that goal, you would rather take the easy road and wish/cry for a nerf. Hence, this is where the “learn to counter it” comment comes into play. If you are brave enough to start a thread, or make a post asking for a nerf, then you are going to get responses trying to shift you in the direction of learning how to counter.


But that’s where discernment is important to know when a complaint is valid or not. But the truth is people just worry the devs will listen and nerf their beloved creature (I bet 90% of people that say “learn to counter it” are using “it”)… Today for example Indo2 and Procerat are two creatures that are clearly overpowered, even if you can have counters for them, it doesn’t make them less OP and bad for the balance of matches. I use Indo2 but I can’t deny that thing totally needs a rework.


Not sure I agree that they are overpowered. Cautious Strike is a silly move that needs a rework, but Indo2 doesn’t tend to run through my team (unless massively overboosted). Same with Procera. I use a pretty well boosted l28 one and it rarely destroys an opposition.

I can accept the argument that they are better than Uniques and Ludia said this wasn’t how things should be, but I stopped believing them ages ago.