Learnt something about Iphone


The other day I reported something that I considered most likely a bug in the program, but it is not.
What I experienced was the framerate getting low, the screen getting darker and eventually the game laggong so much a reboot was unavoidable.
However, today I learnt that this behaviour can occur with IPhone as the system automatically slows down the processor, halvs the frame rate and lowers the light in order to avoid unwanted phone shutdown. The phone feels that the battery has not got the capability to run the processes and thereby takes counteractions.

My battery status is 81% of ”new” with no indications of system advice to get it changed. However, as the chemistry in the battery gets older it can’t keep up thus causing lagging and hangs.

This said there is one thing I have noticed and that is there is no app/game that comes close in drawing so much processor power/battery usage as this game.
My question to Ludia is - is this really necessarry?

What is it that makes the game consume these enormous amount of power?? Everytime I play I feel the temperature of the phone being raised with at least 10 degrees. It feels like the GPS is working its butt of weather I battle, hunt or do anything else with the game.


Yea I have had the same happen. It’s quite frustrating when you up the brightness on your phone to see only to have it go even lower than you originally had it in the first place. I generally try to keep my phone cooled to prevent this. AC blowing directly on it or wrapped in a frozen gel pack.


From what I read, a battery change will solve the problem. Will test that and cross my fingers.


I get this problem everyday, it’s just over heated. I have a new iphone and it definitely does not need a battery change. Brightness on with hot temperatures will cause the phone to overheat faster. Auto safe mechanism built into your iphone as a last resort to cool off your device before shutting down due to temperature overheating. If you get problems at night then it could be a battery issue.