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Least damage

Everyone Asking highest but what about least damage, show me least amount of damage screenshots and person with a screenshot doing the least amount of damage in game win

a while back when I forgot absorb existed…

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Two categories, with absorb and without absorb

0 damage when I was double distracted and 50 when a dodocevia was so close to dying in absorb

I forget to say that it has to be more that 0

In theory, the lowest Damage (non-absorb) would be 7.35. For this to occur, a level 1 Dimorphodon would need to be distracted 75% and hit a Carbonemys using Dig-In with a basic Strike

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Without a crit

Other than doing 0 damage, I remember with compy gen 2(dont know if it was I or the Striketower ai, but I remember a compy taking 6 damage to be killed

Lvl 1 dimorphodon does strike against an eremo that did shield decelerating strike and then camoflauge? And dodge works?