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Leave Rally/Raid? You. Get. NOTHING!


Came across a Bug that won’t let me get past the loading screen when I time out due to inactivity in a Raid/Rally.
Because of this, I was forced to choose the “Leave” option. BUT, unlike when you leave a challenge, when you leave a Raid/Rally, you get NOTHING. No experience, no count added to your tally for completed rooms, no prizes.

For the amount of time spent on some runs in Raids and Rallys, this is a huge loss. Please look into it, Ludia.

I feel like you have it backwards. When I leave a challenge early I don’t get anything. But leaving a rally early is supposed to get you the rooms you have completed.

I believe @MisterCinephile is referring to a problem which is compounded by the larger server connectivity issue.

When the connectivity issue results in a crash during a challenge, the player has the option to resume at the same location when the app is relaunched.

Unfortunately, the ability to resume after a crash was not implemented for the Raids and Rallies. Thus, a player could conceivably lose 2 or 3 hours of progress if the app crashes late in a rally.
Although I have never experienced this issue, I can understand how terribly frustrating this must be for impacted players.

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I don’t have it backwards.

If you leave a challenge, you can roll your d20s and you get your experience.
The glitch I’m facing is that randomly the game won’t let me Continue a Raid/Rally in progress when I try to reconnect, instead making me stay in the Loading screen indefinitely.
The only option left is to leave, but when I do, I’m not rewarded for the number of rooms I completed nor do I gain any XP.

If you quit a challenge early and don’t get your d20/XP, then you’ve got a problem on your end.

Hello MisterCinephile,
Can you write to if you haven’t already. The more data we have, the higher chance we have of reproducing and solving this issue.
Thank You

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Just one point if you have the loading bug in challenge and are force to leave you don’t roll dice either happened to me before

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Already brought it up with Support on the game, the first time it happened.

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So it’s a problem that exists in all Challenges, Raids and Rallies.

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