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Leave Smilocephalosaurus alone. :(

While it may have a bowl head, and look a little silly. It can’t help how it was “born”.

It really doesn’t look that bad. It actually reminds me of a hyena in body shape:

I like hyena’s.

And if you think about it, if somehow these two species could interbreed, this may be what it actually could look like. :open_mouth:


@NewNewbie did your post get hidden? Lol

Yup dont know why…

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I’m sure it’ll show up eventually. :slight_smile:

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The only part of its design I dont really like is the rat-like tail

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I’m fine with its tail, but when it curls it, it does look a little awkward. :laughing:

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I like it’s design. Looks like a viking dog


As a biologist, I have to say that this hump looks strange and the whole form feels unnatural.
I don’t think that a mammal that depends on stalking its prey and running and jumping fastly, could afford such a posture. Seems like too much of unnecesarry strain on the neck. Sabretoths were known for hunting a prey bigger than them, so they need to look up. Don’t really understand what kind of biology this animal would have.
I get it needs to bow his head when clashing with other Smilocephalosauruses , but that happens once or twice a year, during mating season. They hunt almost every day and they need to look up. Clearly, they still have their tooth and they must be using it to hunt something big.


Hopefully whatever disease it has doesn’t spread to your other creatures


Maybe they’re cannibals?

Regardless, I can see its flaws in design but I think it’s getting too much hate. Lol

you took a pic of its better side lol.



Ugly. Bad. No


If rng is in your favor and you predict it coming, this thing can actually hard counter the rat

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It reminds me of the movie ‚Get Out‘…

He looks happy. :laughing:

I hope more cenzoics start taking over other peoples dinosaurs.

Looks like a hyena mixed with an armadillo. :heart_eyes_cat:


Maybe an armadillo should be added so it can have this hybrid lol.

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Maybe one of the prehistoric ones! I don’t remember what they’re called sadly.