Leave the boosts

People why does everyone hate boosts. Just put some effort in it and you wil get stronger yourself. And it is another goal you can work to. Now there is a little bit of difrense between lvl.

I think it is a good new thing brought to the game. Personaly i realy like boosts

Ludia pls let boosts stay in the game.


Its not good for the game man. It ruins balance. They should stay gone.


I think it was a good idea, just poorly executed.


They need to take it all away if they are gonna stay gone
It’s not fair that we dont have a chance to increase ours

Why does everyone want the boosts to be gone so bad. I don’t understand.


Sour grapes that’s why


Just fight more get dalily boxes then you can power up yourself. And eventualy everyone wil get to max boosts.

Maybe ludia could make everyone happy if they would just make two different battle options

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because there was a window of time wherein you could buy unlimited boosts, and there are now well-nigh unbeatable teams in the arena that no amount of darting, leveling and skill can compete against.


But that are only a couple of crazzy people that spend a lot of money for a game. There are more than a couple million that are not crazzy and are not undefeatable.

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U can only get 1 a day

Most of the times i het almost 2-3 per day.

what are you basing that number upon? my recent opponent list would beg to differ.


Somethimes i get totaly distroyd to but it doesn’t boder me becose i get to do it many times to

Well then u must not battle for a few days cuz it’s one per day unless u take a break

Your talking about defeating 10 dinos incubator right?

That could be it. Somethimes i forget to fight enough times, but not always.

Yes, i mean that box

Yeah I just got mine for today and this is what it says now

Your kitty in your profile is adorable btw