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Leave Utarinex alone


I’ve poured time, effort, and real world $$ into creating this dino. If the indicated Nerf goes thru, it’s effectively dead. What a joke…


So I just posted an open letter explaining why we are furious right now. THEY HID THE POST!!!


I saw it before it was hidden… hopefully Ludia takes it to heart


I was annoyed by the V-raptor nerf. Stego and Mono nerfs took place right after i had mine built up to viable levels… this one really ticks me off.

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But where did you get that there will be no other changes and it will actually be a nerf overall, not a buff?


The ‘text error’ is gone. No delays for now.


^ They changed it back. Also reversed the changes to draco g2 and slowing impact

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Does anyone else read this topic in the “Leave Britney alone” voice :joy:


I was just about to finally get him…230/250 ;-;