Leave what you want to see in the game here!


Love the game love to see the following -

*Teams, some way to connect with friends
*Team Battles
*Streaming features built into the app
*Pedometer in the app that rewards you for miles walked
*Populate national parks & forests, love to go backpacking/camping & play

  • You can sell/open multiple incubators.
  • Somekind of login bonus if you play every day.
  • No matter what arena you are, you can choose your rewards, so people dont need to go down to 500 trophies to get Rex dna.
  • When you open dinosaur you can swipe right and left to get new dino, instead of pressing X always.
  • When fuseing u can use all available dnas at once


The login in bonus! For sure!


A way to back out and cancel ‘extracting DNA’ after using a dart. I just spam a single dart when a useless dino turns up, but you have to wait the full time till the drone battery goes down. A ‘return the drone’ button would be handy.


Removal of arbitrary escape barrier.


I would love a screen that pops up as you wait for a battle to load that says something to the effect of “No real-time players are available at this time. Would you like to proceed with automated play?” That way you could cancel a battle with a bot before it ever begins.

I also would like that if for some reason you lose connection and AI takes over for you, your trophy loss (or gain) is not the same as a true battle. Sunday I had several battles that ‘timed out’ waiting for an opponent. I would shut the game down to only return later and find out that an opponent had shown up and kicked my AI rear. That happened 3 or 4 times! That’s a lot of lost trophies for something that was not my fault.


Get DNA for walking with a dinosaur


Themed variation battle arenas just for coins. Only commons, only rare, only long necks or stunners etc.

More dino’s in parks not much to do when I’ve made all attempts.

Flying dino’s that move on the map.

  • A Dino market (similar to FIFA UT)
  • More Coins for fights/incubators
  • more hybrids (Gen 2 Dino’s are senseless atm)


Earn more coin through battling :sauropod::t_rex:

I dont like the deminishing returns of winning over many battles. Lets have a rate of earning according to our level, so that winnings aren’t less but it gives us a chance to ‘earn’ the much needed gold to level up our dinos.


In app info of event dino calendar, so you can see what’s coming the next week or so. Preferably time in standard format such as UTC so no issues converting it to correct local time (avoids off by an hour daylight saving miscalculations!) - a lot easier to check in app as I’m sure lots of players rarely visit the forums, especially new players.

Dino’s in rural areas would be good, they seem to mainly be near roads, not in woods / fields

Pokemon style lure for people who live far from supply drops and roads and so no chance of dino hunting when sitting around at home with a bit of time to spare as no Dino’s around the area (also pokemon is good in that you do occasionally get pokemon spawn near you even if you are in the middle of nowhere, similar with Dino’s would be good)

  • a social feature that allows you to join group chats locally, (giving you the option to hunt with people, chat, explore, etc) [Similar to the Walking Dead Our World Game] Don’t know anyone else that plays JWA. I’ve tried to get family and friends to play this, but they are really only interested in taking pics with the AR feature lol.

-a daily bonus for loggin in, or maybe an additional rewards day for each day you log in. Every day following, the reward gradually increases, 30 coins > 50 coins > 70 etc. Higher end rewards could include, example loggin in every day for a 30 days, players could be rewarded a bonus rare incubator. Failing to loggin for the day, the reward resets. This would encourage more players to play every day, and in return be rewarded. Vip members could possibly benefit with a slight increase in the coins as a vip feature, and or an epic incubator towards the end of the month. Just a slight idea.

First ideas that popped into my head :smile:


Rural would be great, mind you I live in a town of 1,500 & I’m amazed that I can walk around & find many dinos but it seems things like orchards, farm fields & major parts of the wilderness have nothing.