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Leave your opinion: Hybrid Vip

I recently polled what the community thought about hybrid dinosaurs with vip and most people said that because it is difficult to get a vip lv40 it would not be feasible to use it for a hybrid.
So I thought: what if a vip hybrid was made with S-DNA or V-DNA, that would be a version S-DNA of vip dinos
If a dinosaur has 2 hybrids, for example, tyrannosaurus already has a hybrid that generates indominus. So with “V-DNA” a vip hybrid could be made.

Tyrannosaurus rex + V-DNA Eolambia

When a Vip is leveled up to Lv40, it will only give you a few VIP points, and if you exchange the vip point reward for “V-DNA” from the same dino.
what do you think ? In the future I bring some edited images of what it would look like in the game.

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