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Leaving... again

Well, not sure if anybody cares but I started playing JWA at its very beginning. I played hard for some time but then felt a bit overwhelmed by how much time this game asks for in comparision to what it brings me. So I left.

I decided to try again a few months later. I started by only darting dinos around me and playing strike towers. Then I really improved my team again, enjoying the alliance and most of the events. Enjoying the dinos mostly and evolving them. (Cause I guess that’s why we’re all here for?)

I didn’t want to battle but finally started again cause it’s such a big and important part of the game. It was fun for a moment with my new team cause my win/loss ratio was more or less balanced. But at the end of the day, no matter how good your team is or how much time you spend playing on the daily (a lot), it always comes down to reaching a floating point where battling gets super frustrating. RNG, losing streaks, bugs, etc.

And well, maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m too impatient, maybe I’m too much of a spoiled millennial :rofl: (also I can only speak about what I know as a f2p) but the game always stops being enjoyable after a while.

Let’s see what the future brings but it’s a goodbye, for now… again.

Good luck everyone!


I have fun in JWA just working on my dinos and doing the events.

I have had litterally one arena match in the last two months and I dont miss it at all. Starting to doubt if I will ever go back to the arena, and yet, I am still having fun in JWA without it.

Love the PVE game :slight_smile:


We lost a great alliance member and a truly good and fun person to chat with. If you find yourself needing JWAA then come to terms with loving the game and come on back :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Kodiak!

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I peeked at your team and benching indom might have helped you not get so frustrated. You were on the way to a really solid team.

Hahaha don’t do that!!

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So the alliance will see you on later today then?

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Join discord and we can help you with your team and it’s always fun bs’ing :grin:


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