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Leedsichthys Lottery

Hey guys, just a heads up. Today’s lottery is giving a 5% chance per ticket to win Leedsichthys.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!!


Since I am not vip and I would have to join to see, what does a ticket cost For that?

A single ticket 200 loyalty points, 10 of them 1600.


Definitely not worth it just for this one lottery… but it’s one of the big benefits when you are a VIP and do the lottery through the entire week as those points go towards getting to the platinum prize wheel, with a guarantee of a VIP and pretty decent chance that it could be one of the 50K ones. Winning one of the individual top prizes is just icing on the cake. Was bummed I didn’t get one of the Segnos yesterday, still need 3 of them to get to the hybrid.

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I was looking at the diamond spin prize and I noticed it doesn’t include all of the 50k or 10k Dino’s.

Does anyone know if the list rotates/changes?

Not much, although they have added ones that weren’t on there before. Those two that are missing have never been on it as long as I’ve been playing.

I got one, at least!

Anybody else get lucky with the Lottery today?


Got one too. It’s my second after I bought one for 3,800 bucks.:grinning:


I got 2 today, plus 3 from a previous lottery which was offered.

At this rate, I might be able to get Leed to 40
before they have an unlock.


For those of us new. What so special about this particular fish?

It has never had an unlock opportunity. It has been close to a year since it was introduced

I didn’t get the Leedsichthys, but I got something pretty awesome


I’d exchange my 2 Leedsichthys for that pack.

I’ve been on a dry spell for those lottery packs - probably been over a month since I got one.

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Every day and twice on Sunday

Not much. It does not have very good stats even at level 40. Just cool to have 1. Not something a non vip player can get.

Sure it is (for non-vip). Leedsichthys is in a battle stage pack in the late 70s or 80s. Not an unlock, just a creature you can get.

It says unlock via special event. Or I could buy a level 10 for 8500 dB. If you say it’s in a pack, If I could have gotten it in a stage, it occurred after I finished those. I Have never noticed having a chance to get one.

I think I was this weeks big winner!
Yesterday I won 2 packs of Eudimorphodon!

And today I won the Leedsichthys

And the Acrocanthosaurus pack!


Wow. (10 char)


At least you got the fish. I completely struck out. Again.


I got the fish, but this was the only valuable creature for me in the lottery this week.
To be honest, I’m not a big fan of it. Meanwhile I think that I like saving my VIP points for card packages more. It may be worth the investment in the end but I absolutely dislike the disappointment each day, and week, when I do not get the top price.