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Legacy Account - Google Play

Hi there,

I’m a returning player, I initially had an account set up via Google Play Games (I’m 90% sure it was explicitly via GPG, Facebook was also an option); I can still see a handful of achievements on Google Play Games I’d received when I played back then.

Between swapping phones and life, I uninstalled Jurassic World: The Game at some point, and only recently remembered I have an account.

When I downloaded and opened it, I was presented with only two options; Guest or Facebook. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the case back in 2018, but, not a problem. Google Play Games, however, did pop up and recognise my progress from back then. Why make a GPG sign-in automatic, but refrain from using it to back up critical data?

I will not be linking any progress, whether prior or new, with a Facebook account. Am I able to access information stored via Google? I had a fleshed-out base, I’d played it for quite some time before life got in the way, would be a shame if starting over was the only way forward, honestly don’t have enough free time to dump into mobile games to build up progress like I used to, would just uninstall.

And advice on reinstating my progress would be great, whether positive or otherwise. If anyone is in a position to restore game data, that would be ideal. Alternatively, if someone has dealt with this before, and would be so kind as to crush my dreams, that would work too. I’ve gone through the settings to look for account options, but there aren’t really any. There’s this weird infographic showing the account linking to Google, etc. to the game (it pops up while completing the tutorial), but it seems like a clever way of coercing a Facebook login - not happening.

Regards to the community.

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If you have your old Support Key, send both Keys to Support. They’ll be able to restore your old account.

Support may be able to help you even without a Support Key