Legacy Rewards and the Trading Harbor

So I noticed lately, to my absolute horror, that Chanya will occasionally ask for boss statues and other limited decorations. I accidentally traded my Booster Legacy Statue, which I have had for years and only had in my inventory to store for when I wanted to redecorate my park. Chanya gave me a measly amount of resources for it, to boot. And all for a misclick.

So I’m requesting that rare decorations like these either A. have a MUCH higher trade value OR B. cannot be traded at all OR C. have a “would you actually like to do that?” confirmation. Same with high-value animals and buildings.

There are no confirmations for doing a trade, and now I’ve lost an item that I’m pretty sure will never be given out again.

Also, while I’m here, is this something I could get back or am I screwed in that department? Kinda sad because I never got around to adding this decoration to the wiki.


Welcome to the forum @Xenephos ! It is indeed a horror to see your most beloved statue being traded off :expressionless:

I hope this statue gets offered again for you :pray:t2:


Try reaching out to Ludia support to try and get it back. Imo I’d happily trade 1000 DNA, DB, or even LP to get that statue back.

The email is support+jurassicworld@ludia.com

Try sending them an email to try and sort things out. It might not work, but hey might as well try just in case.


I know that feel, when i was redecoration my park, i put off all boss statues, then misclick at trade

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Not sure what you need for the wiki…


This image is good for a few things, but I need sell price, a pic of the statue without any UI elements, and a cropped image of the market listing. Here’s the Bonfire page, for example. Thank you for your help!

I’ll be contacting support later and see what I can do. I can’t imagine a statue is going to be an issue to be honest, and I’m sure they can see my account age to confirm that I was there well before the boost rework. I dunno if they have the capability to restore stuff like this but it’s worth a shot!



Hopefully you can use these and crop out anything you don’t need.


I need that statue in my park :joy: