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Legend lives on pack yay or nay?

Guaranteed legendary pack for 2500 Dino bucks sounds good!
Anyone here bought it yet?

Decided to buy the pack and got a megalodon!
Did not own that one yet and my blue aquatic type line up needed reinforcements!

Unless you’re at lv20 super rare ferocity , 1 copy of megalodon isn’t gonna be of much use.
But he can be useful in some events where you need a surface for the early battles.

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Nonetheless, I plan on getting more copies off course!
I will use him as a neat shield for charging!

Pack is 4k DB’s non VIP so not a chance from me. If we were VIP at 2.5k db i’d consider it on D1 or D2’s game if they were swimming in bucks. They like the excitement of buying packs, not so much the disappointment when it isn’t something new though :stuck_out_tongue: