Legendaries and indo G1 not spawning

So once again the good dinos aren’t spawning, what makes it different? The difference is there’s almost NO legendaries or uniques across the entire map making it worse than any week we’ve had so far. I traveled for 2 hours today and found ONE ALLORAPTOR. The rest was just rare and common trash. And multiple people have been reporting the same thing, i have a suspicion that this was done on purpose so people couldn’t get the legendaries, that’s right ludia, the playerbase is catching on to your schemes and you aren’t as sneaky as you think you are. It’s causing people to play less, not driving up sales like you guys thought it would. So yeah we’re figuring out your schemes just like the park scent “”"“error”"" that was done on purpose so people couldn’t hunt for carbonemys reliably, so please consider while planning your next genius money magnet scheme that we know what you’re doing and it won’t be as effective, oh and I’ve copy and pasted this for when you take this post down trying to hide it so i can post it again. So please consider not using deceitful tactics to lure out our wallets, and thank you to any devs who read and take consideration from this.
Right now I’d advice avoid spending money on JWA to drive sales down to catch their attention that we want stuff like this fixed. Ludia just really doesn’t care about their players right now and it’s quite sad to see. All it is right now to them is money money money


Even now you can’t get Carbo reliably. An Epic scent in a park will likely get you swamped with Pteranodon, and if your park isn’t large enough, you’ll end up getting local spawns.