Legendaries In Sanctuaries

Since short range spawns are going to be a thing now, if more non-hybrid Legendaries like Parasauralophus Lux are going to be introduced, can we start putting them in Sanctuaries?


Would make total sense and I think it is a good idea


Yes I agree, looking at specific circumstances like lockdowns and curfews and stuff due to some strange thingy called Covid 19.

It is very hard to get or even see in some areas in the world and I also think it should be possible to be put in sancs. I mean its a non-hybrid and would fit.


Totally agree, with no way of Para Lux being farmable and only available in the wild, it makes it the hardest creature to grind for. However with non-hybrids you can always collect their DNA from sanctuaries and you can always put that DNA on all their hybrids, even with the apexes you can farm because all you have to do is the raid and you’ve basically got it. So I think they need to put every non-hybrid(excluding apexes) in sanctuaries. :slight_smile:


Or at least make a legendary raid for Parasaurolophus Lux each week.


It’s a good thing that’s why ludia most likely will say no…


Few suggestion
Make a new night only sanctuary
Only available from 9pm-9am

Make it only usable at night

Make a legendary sanctuary that is very rare to find

Takes up example 2 play to get 1 normal play

Get very little dna

I personaly think that GETTING para lux should be dificult but this may have been a bit of an overkill, but when it’s hybrids start getting added, it’s gonna be incredebly dificult for a lot of people so i do think that either after u get it, it should get atracted by scents or you should be able to put it in a santuary.

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I’m totally here for this, however, imagine getting like 1DNA from each FIP :joy: cause they wouldn’t give us more

We would need a player level increase and if they’re nice enough, a thing where we get more DNA from interacting with dinosaurs depending on our level.


we should get same amount of dna as normal
i dont want to spend 2 plays for 1 dna
that means i would need 300 fips total
edit: actually 400 FIPs

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400 FIP due to it needing 200 dna to unlock

oh yea
i forgot that legendarys require 200 dna
corrections were made

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Unlocked it, but by nothing else other than sheer luck catching it at the right moment when it spawned twice this past week and a half.

It’ll undoubtedly get a hybrid at some point, so I still petition to have any and all non-hybrid Legendaries like Parasaurolophus Lux to be able to place in the sanctuary