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Legendaries that you're not gonna create for now?


Some love to collect them all, some love to just want what they needed.

If coins is not priority, I’d be in the first case :rofl:

so there are some legendaries that I can’t just let myself to create by reason like ‘Nah, I’ve already had better one than her’ - 'not gonna be like ‘spare no expense’

the list of my legendaries that still are in Embryo state are;

  1. Allosinosaurus (If she were in ver.1.4 around 2 month ago, she would be born already)
  2. Nodopatotitan (I like her design but her skills set is not my type, i’m sorry, little one)
  3. Monolometrodon (need more stats buff to considered)

and 3 of them is still not gonna hatch soon at least until 2019 for now

How about your? even you’ve got all DNA to create legendary one but you won’t (or not yet to) create with any particular reason?


I went the other way with Allosinosaurus…mostly because I needed a better tank buster on my team, and not a huge fan of raptors with the current state of things. Though if I do start picking up a solid amount of Sinosaurus again, I do want to make and level the raptor. Nodopatotitan, I’m with ya on that one…it really is just, why? I’m curious why not create Monolometrodon at least, just to have at least since neither base is used for anything else and its pretty easy to create otherwise.


creation isnt a huge investment so ive unlocked all for the collection.


I agree with 2 & 3, but actually like Allos (if I could find any Sino dna)…
I’m on the fence about Rajaky & Tryos… Both seem like a waste at the moment (given how my typical encounters against them go).


i like rajaky so far. been using it for a couple days now. he will stay at level 20 untill i get dio. trystronix is cool but i think he has to be used at higher levels. mine will stay at level 19 untill i get magna. both are apex tier


Feel the same about Rajaky, but Tryos is pretty good, esp if you can get a few quick levels under him. Though I see people open with him and get ripped apart…I always save him for later.


Yeah, save Tryos until opponent speedy’s gone, annndd not even stegod will save them


The list is immense:

  • Gigaspikasaur: Because the DNA of Nodopatosauro is all for Stegodeus

  • Nodopatotitan: For the same reason above.

-Monolometrodon: Because I have no choice to take it to level 22 or 23 where it could be useful and also spend coins that I do not have for it.

  • megalosuchus: Possibly I doubt but with a gorgosuchus already at level 22, substituting one for the other in 16 does not make much sense.

-Spinotasuchis: It is a great creature but requires a Kaprosuchus in level 15 and It is 10, which is logical because it is the level to make gorgosuchus. To create Spinotasuchus I should wait many months and lose two or three evolutions of Gorgosuchus, one of my favorite dinos,

  • Monostegotops: Actually it is false because I already have it in 16 but I regret it. You can not have (without spending millions of euros) this creature and monomimus at the same time and the second is better.

  • Ankyntorauro: I had to choose between this creature and rajakylosauro because I could not have both and I chose the second one that also guaranteed me before its creation.

  • Tryostronix: Here too I doubt, after many months I can create it now in level 16 but it should be at the expense of stop evolving Postimetrodon that is in 20. Since I see a Baryionix a month, I think I will not create it.

  • Allosinosauro or Utasinoraptor: when I get enough Sinoceratops to create one of the two I will have to decide if I create one of them … or none because creating them at level 16 when the whole team is between 20 and 23 I do not know if it will be useful.

A pity to see so many “beautiful” dinosaurs but not being able to create them or not having sense to create them.

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These are some of the dinos that I haven’t created yet but are actually good.
It’s just that, they don’t have a spot on my team at the moment.

  • Tragodistis
  • Allosinosaurus
  • Megalosuchus

I wanted to make them all but I’ve never seen a sino in the wild in my life soooo allosino will need to wait and Spinotahsuchus too :frowning:


I would love to make all of them if I had the coin. As a completely free to play player I try and spend wisely on my team for the long game. At the moment no plans to make the new mono or nodo. Holding off on Spinotasuchus. Pretty much going for building my team up and uniques.


Dilo and sino hybrids for me never see either of them so miles off from making them


Either Allosinosaurus or Utahsinoraptor. I still didn’t invest DNA with any of them, despite the decision being already made before 1.4., but recent buff to Allosino makes me wonder what to do now.

Also I give up with diloranosaurus after the nerf.


The only legendaryvi miss is nodopatotitan, cause dont want waste that nodopatosaurus dna on it, at least until i have stegodeus at 30


There’s a couple on your list I’m kind of surprised at, but considering its your team, gotta go with what works for you as well! I might say though, consider Megalosuchus…simply because it doesn’t replace Gorgosuchus. Megalo fills a completely different role. But from what it sounds like your team is at roughly level wise, it’d def have to get up a few levels first. She needs buffed, and though dino level wise I’m behind you, she seems to surprise people often!


Good eamples @xescot, that is how I look at it also. Some ingredients make viable Dino’s and I do not see enough to rationalize creating a higher-level hybrid. A level 20+ Epic does better for me than a level 16 or 17 Legendary, especially if I will be unable to level it much.

“Tryostronix: Here too I doubt, after many months I can create it now in level 16 but it should be at the expense of stop evolving Postimetrodon that is in 20. Since I see a Baryionix a month, I think I will not create it.”

Perfect example and one I am sure many players face, I made this exact decision. Yes, I can hold off leveling Posti and hope for a run of Bary, but then what when I can’t find any? One here or there is not enough to level it to keep up with the rest of my team, it will fall behind and get benched. Wasted coins and resources.

You could say the Legendary is an investment in the future, but how much time will that take and is it worth the gamble? I know I will never be at the competitive level, I do not invest that much time or resources into the game, so make due with what I have available.


Maybe I explained myself wrongly. When I say that megalosuchus replaces gorgosuchus, I mean that to merge megalosuchus, I need gorgosuchus. I have gorgosuchus at level 20 (and not 22 as I put before by mistake) and I have almost the DNA necessary to raise it to 21. If instead of rising to 21 I merge the megalosuchus of 16, the gorgosuchus will stay at level 20. If during 2 months I use all my gorgosuchus DNA to create megalosuchus I will get maybe a megalosuchus of 18 or 19 and my gorgosuchus will remain in 20. If, instead, I use that DNA to continue evolving gorgosuchus, I will be able to have it in level 23, maybe 24, and there the question:

What is more useful a level 23 gotgosuchus or a gorgosuchus 20 plus a megalosuchus 19? Well I think the first because in two months I will be facing Stegodeus 25, Indoraptors 23 and Tragodistis 24 … and I think I can not fight with creatures of 19 or 20.


Or maybe I (probably) mistook what you meant in your original post! Apologies if so. Though I do love my Megalo…played right she really is able to pull off some amazing things I’ve found. I can’t blame you though if you’re seeing things that make creating her a secondary priority at best. :slight_smile:


Yes, but a level 20 gorgosuchus, still having bad luck of not making critic in any of his first two blows, defeats a megalosuchus of 27 if he does not critic in his only blow … and a megalosuchus 22 although he becomes critical :, Hahaha

speaking more seriously, the main problem is that I only have megalosauro to get the megalosuchus at level 16 (and that thanks to the weekly event a few weeks ago) and it could take several months to get megalosauro DNA to evolve it to 18 or 19 and with rivals of 24 or 25 would not be very useful.


I can very much understand that…where I live and am able to typically hunt, I see a fair amount of Gorgo and Megalosaurus so was able to create her pretty quick after getting Gorgosuchus up to 15. And not arguing Gorgosuchus can take out some pretty tough things, inc Megalosuchus…as long as she doesn’t get slowed. If they’d just change the Critical Strike on Megalosuchus to something more useful like DSR, she’d be a much bigger beast than she is currently. Not trying to change your mind! I just happened to be able to create other tank busters to fill Gorgo’s role for my team. Good luck Xes!