Legendaries where have they all gone to .?


Legendarie’s we all want them we all need them … but and here is the big but…
Where in the blazes have they all gone to lately.?.
Weeks ago i used to see legendary dino’s all over the place but lately since the recent upgrades they have all but vanished from the game entirely.!. i have travelled more than 50 kilometres from home in the search of even just one of them but so far no luck in finding one or even a long dead skeleton of one either… hint hint LUDIA… big HINT.!.
Bring back the legendary dinosaurs or i am out of there faster than a raptor doing warp factor 9.5 speed, it was the one thing that kept me interested in this game because the legendary dino’s kept popping up now and then in different suburbs so i kept chasing them to find out what ones were available or if any new ones had appeared that i didnt have yet.
So come on LUDIA lift & shift bring back the legendary dino’s or its GAME OVER for me m afraid… nuff said O.o


I don’t think legendary dinos spawn in the wild…


Legendarys don’t must mean epics


I think so…:blush:

Anyhows, I do come across few Epics daily. Rares are quite common I think…


Legendaries have never spawned in The Wild. Well atleast it Will be Healty if you Can run as fast as a raptor away :joy:


Wow! You’re so lucky… :+1:


Do you mean park events then…


Must mean park events although indominus has never been in a event as of yet


Legendaries have never appeared in the wild. Lower Hybrids, yes, but not Legends. The only time Legends and Uniques are on the map is during Park Events. Otherwise, you’re chasing down the dinos needed to fuse.


Epic Dino have YELLOW Halo & Legendary RED Halo! Legendary yellow dino is in Jurassic World THE GAME!


Only The first Two you mention have actually spawned In a park as part of an event along with IndoRaptor aswell. And that is event dinos not Wild dinos.


Wilffio : Those legendaries i mentioned above some have appeared at local parks i dont know why but i am not complaining one little bit, my sons were running around the local park like headless chooks chasing one after another of them, especially when the * Indominus Rex * showed up suddenly out of no where the ankle biters ( my sons ) freaked out big time and went after it as fast as a Velociraptor on speed.!. blasted ankle biters made me look like an old geriatric in a wheelchair because of the amount of dino DNA they got that day, my oldest son was a smart alec and bragged about snagging enough DNA to get the indominus rex for crying out loud… gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr little sod .!. lol