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Legendary Armor…

Ok… can we all agree that getting a legendary is a nice thing? Can we also agree that the armor is useless???

Anyone playing knows that you’re going to level up Epic armor far faster than almost anything else.
This makes the other armor Common, Rare, Legendary. And knowing these guys, Silverhand eventually, really useless. The only thing to do is sell them in the store or donate them.

Can we please get some attributes assigned to our armor? Example. Common armor = resist fire. Rare, resist poison, Epic Fire, poison and hold. Etc.

Anything to give us a reason to use, upgrade, or in the case of getting stuck with your 7’th Legendary breast plate, not murder someone.

I think they should have done silverhand armor. Instead of trying to replace items that are beloved.

I’ve suggested before that since armor only give stats, and there are four stats and four armor levels, then each armor level should have a boost in a different stat. So one with extra hp, one with extra ac, one with extra attack, and one with extra damage.

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So more useless Armor? Other than looking pretty, what’s the point when they all level up to exactly the same strength?

Oh no. I meant that the silverhand armors can give us price bonuses like the new silverhand items do.

This has been brought up previously in the forum. Ludia wont fix this and dont even seem to think its an issue

If we keep at them about it long enough, and if enough of us are in agreement, they might actually do something. I’ve noticed that they can and will occasionally listen to the players.

You are welcome to try but I had a pretty good go at the issue in this thread

Sometime ago and got nowhere. Others have also tried to no avail. Ludia have a long history of ignoring customer complaints


One thing that I’ve noticed, is that you get a much bigger stat increase when leveling up armor, compared to any other piece of equipment. Maybe that is their way of making up for armor not having any abilities? Still, it would be better for armor to have different abilities. There is nothing worse then getting a Legendary card, and having it be armor.

Or even worse, the double kiss of death. Getting a Legendary pack, and getting double armor.

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