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Legendary class use?

Has the legendary class become useless? I’m a high level player but legendary dinos are completely useless now

Almost all last year legendary were in tournaments.

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I would not say legendarys are useless in pvp. There are still some really good legendarys out there like enteloceros, coelhaast, and Ankylomoloch.


Alloraptor is still very useful on my team. :slight_smile:


I loved alloraptor but for me it was not cutting it so it’s sitting at level 23 with almost 500 DNA to spare waiting for it to get a hybrid

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IDGT has posted tons of videos showcasing Legendaries in the upper echelon of arena, and has shown they are useful when boosted and leveled up.

Interesting choice Ned,
I don’t use Legendary rarity on my team yet, but i would love to add coel as cunning-flock it just super good for a Legendary.

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Indominus rex gen 1, scorpius rex, alloraptor, monolometrodon and indoraptor gen 2 are still used

Coelhaast, enteloceros, and ankylomoloch are the top 3 legendarys and they are all high elite so I wouldn’t call them useless

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Legendaries are actually game changers. Especially Ankylomoloch, Enteloceros, Scorpius Rex and Coelhaast

Not in any particular order, Stegodeus, Indominus Rex and Monolometrodon are also very good.

I use grylenken on mine and she kicks butt. She’s done well against phorurex as well


The only endgame legendaries worth using are Coelhaast, Enteloceros, and Ankylomoloch. They’re definitely among the top 25 best creatures in the game, but I wouldn’t recommend them unless you want a more unique team instead of the same 10 creatures you see everywhere.

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Guys gryleneken has stunning obstruction it very good


Ive seen a lot of high level players that use monolmetradon tryostronix dracoRat alloraptor and in some cases indorapG2

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Trystronix is pretty bad ngl

yeah i dont find him great either but some high level players stillue him

Dodocevia is very underrated but it’s really good.

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