Legendary dino not appearing under green supply drop

So, I’m from Europe and for me the legendary and unique dinos that can be darted on Sunday appear at 4 PM and are available until 4 PM the next day (time zones, obviously). I did not immediately collect any, because my little brother has school today (it’s Monday morning for me right now), and since we had some time we decided to go out and collect a Testacornibus and a Grylenken, they were very close to each other.
The problem is that the Grylenken just disappeared. We did NOT collect DNA from it, we had the game opened on our phones and it just randomly disappeared. We restarted the game but nothing happened for either of us.

I uploaded a video to YouTube to try to show what is going on. There are two green supply drops very close to each other - the first I clicked on is the one where a Grylenken was, and the second one is where the Testacornibus was, which we collected. (As seen in the video, I still have one attempt left to collect DNA from a legendary since there is another legendary in the opposite direction.)
This has happened to us once before with a Tuoramoloch, which also decided to just disappear, despite previously being there, but luckily there were more of those nearby. Because of this bug, my little brother was very disappointed since we did not have time to go and stop at a drop to collect DNA from another dino, so he missed this opportunity.

The bug seems to affect only a few spawns, I only saw a green supply drop without a dino three times so far, and every single time it was in a different location.

Link to the video: https://youtu.be/Fd-hPYpjq3E

We both use Android devices.

It’s not a bug. It’s a rotating feature that allows the event stops to ‘switch’ dinos so the same old creatures won’t keep on appearing. Usually it’ll reset in a couple of hours that is stated in the weekly calendar but since numbers have vanished off the calendars for about 3 months now…

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Then the problem is that it isn’t resetting, it’s been at least 8 hours now :confused:

It will disappear! On my phone ( android ) redmi note 4, i targeted a eremoceros and I got 10! Amd when i went to target pokudei it disappeared!

You only get to pick one of the 3 legendries to dart, not one time of all three.

It said that max attempts reached

You said you darted an Eremoceros, correct? That was your one attempt.

But, that was my eremoceros attempt na? Then i went to target pokudei!, so it want to be have an attempt on pokudei right?

Unfortunately, no. You get one chance at a Eremoceros OR a Pokudei OR a Grylenken.

Put it like this, right now there are 36 attempts for raptor OR Dienocheirus OR Deinonychus OR Tany. You don’t get 36 attempts at all 4 of these dinos, just some combination of them that totals 36.

K thks for information :slightly_smiling_face: have a nice day!

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Not a problem! I admit it is confusing because we don’t often get to dart legendries or uniques.

Ya i know it