Legendary DNA from Epic 24hr incubator


Figured this was interesting enough to share! Title says it all haha first time this has happened, but a few minutes ago I got a 24hr incubator from arena 8 and although it was a small amount, I got some legendary stegodeus DNA :sweat_smile::raised_hands: nice to see this happen lol

(Edited to have the screenshot without blurring out the cash because people care so much about it :roll_eyes::joy:)


How are you able to have more than 140 darts in your supply? That’s really weird.


@T-Wrecked from opening arena incubators… not that weird lol very common.


Once you’re at 140/140 darts, even if you open arena incubators it doesn’t go over 140. Are you in a different region where the game update is different? I’m in the USA and that was changed a long while back. Nobody I know is capable of going over 140 supply for darts.


@T-Wrecked it always goes over 140 when I open arena incubators… has been like this from the start. Im in Portugal, europe.


Oh that must be the reason. We are in different countries from each other. I think there are slight differences based on regions because I’ve heard people in other countries complain about not seeing certain dinosaur spawn where they live or that some of the events are not available in their country. You’re lucky you get to have more than 140! :smiley:


Why does everyone black out their cash :joy:

I got indominus dna for a 24 before


if you buy darts you can have as many as you want. i think there’s a pack in the shop of 350 darts.


Where do you play from. Because all I can see in the shop is 120. I’ve never been able to get more than 140 darts.


With arena incubators I could get up to 150, maybe 160 darts. But I think that was only possible before the update. I’m from Germany.


They dont wanna show How many cash they bought :joy: even tho their level tells.


Imo there’s been a bug when you sped up battle incubators the counter would only go above 140 once the game was restarted. If you failed to restart the game those above 140 were lost when you sped up the next. Didn’t speed up much since the update so i’m not sure if that’s still the case.


That’s not what he said about darts!
And you are suspect hiding your hard cash amount! :speak_no_evil:


@T-Wrecked @Ulfhednar @Wilffio @Lian @Khaynadha @Democraticdonkey

To all of you that can’t look at the actual legendary DNA from the arena incubator, which is what matters and what I felt like sharing in the first place :joy::joy:

The darts are like that because of speeding up a bunch of arena incubators with in game cash! and yes, as a VIP you can buy a pack of 350 darts, but why buy darts with so many supply drops now… lol

Why do you care so much about the amount of cash one has? :joy: I’ll change it for the regular screenshot, since that is such a big deal to you guys, and it’s not even much, and yes, my level does hint at how much cash i’ve bought, so what? Some people like to spend money on entertainment in the format of games, others don’t… to each their own. :grin:

Anyways, the main point of this post was to show that I got legendary DNA from an arena incubator, since ive seen so many people asking about it before… but people have to focus on other dumb things because since MAYBE they don’t spend money on the game they have to look for excuses and complain that players who spend have more stuff than they do. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

@Austin_Rogers nice!! That’s awesome :slight_smile:

@Lian suspect of what? :sleeping: spending money on a cool game? Yes lol I have spent money on JWA.

Anyways… just wanted to share that and show that we can get cool DNA from an arena incubator lol cheers


I got this the other day too :smiley:

But I just waited 12hrs on a rare one and it was full of purrasaurus :rage:


@Heather that’s awesome! :grin::grin: and I feel your pain on the bad DNA from incubators :fearful::joy:


@Lian It was something like 4:30am here when i posted this :joy: I was tired lol but now the original is up…

Dont worry mate, i’m against cheating, that only plagues the game and just like the rest of us here, I want this game to be better! That is why I spend real money in the first place, so the devs can keep on working to make the game better :grin:

Thats some good spending mate! It does make the game more fun… so it’s worth the money lol


So, arena rewards become better and better according to the level of the player? Just noticed Peter’s at 17th level, and Heather at 12th, while I’m still stuck at 10th and I’ve never ever found anything more interesting than a +13 Epic so far (still struggling to create my first Legendary dino)


I think it might be the update never had anything like that before it. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Its Really Awesome that you Got Legendary DNA from it :grin: i just Wanted to clarify for The other guy one of The possible reasons people might hide their cash. I am mixed on if i Like it some people use alot on it. Its a Big + you support The game Like you do, but it sucks to fight dinos Way higher than your own. Its Great because you Can tell us about your experience with different dinos etc.