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Legendary DNA in epic incubator


Thanks for the 18 Indom DNA but now I’m going to be furious about forever having a number not a multiple of 10. Couldn’t have just been an even 20 :tired_face:


and that is when my ocd hits in …

I just try to ignore the best that I can :joy:


Gimme your ourano dna :sob:


Take them all lol, I ain’t finding any dilophosaurus anytime soon.

I’d do anything for some sinoceratops dna though, I’m so close to utarinex, I can feel it in my bones :joy: Now to spend a good chunk of my coins to level up that dracorex is gonna hurt in the inside.


My sino is only 14 and my dracorex is maybe able to be 14 or 15 rn :joy:. I caught 3 or 4 dilos today on the way to the dog park though


Good thing Dilo is in next weeks event!


Let me just go kiss the floor now, no joke :joy:

@Austin_Rogers I think my dracorex is about the same level. Once I’m off vacation, I’m going to dart every little green speck that resembles a dracorex. Im craving a unique on my team that’s not the indoraptor lol. I’m so tired of seeing the indo on the battlefield that I myself have given up. Take me to the dog park next, I could use some dillies :grin: