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Legendary draft?

I started playing after legendary drafts happened but I have heard about them! Any chance we could get a confirmation if they will return and when?

Been holding out for one, but would hate for it to have only been a thing they did at game launch.

Legendary drafts were drafts, where all 5s dragons have a higher chance to be rolled. Since absolutely not all 5s dragons are even remotely worth it - don’t hold your breath. These drafts normally happen on the weekends, so check around that time.
Personally, I’d recommend looking out for Thunderdrum Draft(I think happened only once since game’s release), as it gives a higher chance to get Shifty, which is a God-tier dragon, and even 4s Waveshaker isn’t a bad deal, especially if you get a couple and can breed them.
Or at least Stormcutter Draft. Tempestuous Scalestorm is quite good for a 5s, and Gloomleer is probably the second best 4s after Tricky Two-Heads.

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